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[PIC] Codes Combine's Endorsement, 2P | Siwon, Donghae

Codes Combine's Endorsement
- Siwon -

Donghae's picture by dDonika

credit to Codes Combine's Site | shared by superlover♫
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re-uploaded by dDonika at
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[GIF] Oh! My Lady - Ep.2, 20P | Siwon [DL LINK]

100325 Oh! My Lady - Ep.2
- Siwon -


credit to 百度贴吧崔始源吧 | shared by superlover♫
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[PIC] Kyuhyun at Malaysia Airport, 4P | Kyuhyun

100321 Kyuhyun at Malaysia

4P - Kyuhyun

Credit: as tagged | Photo: lAdy~2J | Reup by: ~♡ 혁-fied@
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[CY] Donghae's cyworld Sidebar Update 2010.03.26

Today is.. Joy

ready for ...

wait for SJ *

* this was typed in English

Credits: 이동해 미니홈피

[CY] Heechul's cyworld 1 Photo Entry 2010.03.25

In the "希 Style" folder,

2010.03.25 14:44
Title: Goodbye


Not a receiving but a farewell greeting


From today, (I) will say goodbye to my straight hair forever~♡

I don't know when the ups and downs will end

Goodbye to my straight hair for now(+_+)/

Short hair + beard or Beggar's hairstyle

Solomon's choice

Credits: 김희철 미니홈피
From Korean to Chinese: Baidu
From Chinese to English: τнє ғιяѕт тυпє ♪ @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Thanks to ❧ y σ υ for the heads up!

[OTHER] Hello ? I'm Choi Siwon, from Oh My lady's official homepage 2010.03.23

2010.03.23 18:04:37
Title : Hello ? I'm Choi Siwon


ㅋㅋ It's me Top actor, Sung Minwoo.

Yesterday was the first airing day of [Oh! My lady] but I dont know how did everybody feel about it.

Me and the staffs also had watched it with trembly feeling, and I only can think that I must show everybody my more hard-working image until the end.

After reading the synopsis and script in one sitting I found them very interesting, and I thought that I definitely want to try this project, so I was very happy when I received the casting confirmation from the director.

It's a role that I really want to do, and as much as it took me a long time to wait and prepare for another image of myself, as an actor I promise I will show you a much better image of me.

Because of everybody's support right now us [Oh! My lady] team have more energy to filming diligently, since I want to show my gratefulness to all the people who gave a lot of interest to the first epsidoe, I'm spending the spare time in the middle of filming to write these words. ^^

From now on everybody please give [Oh! My lady] a lot of love and interest!!!

Could you do it with today's 2nd epsidoe too?

PS. Our daughter she cute? Please give Yeeunnie a lot of love too

Source : here
translated by
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[UFO] Donghae, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook UFO replies 2010.03.17

Fan: Oppa, studying is so tiring! Ryeowook-oppa, I love you! I'm going to faint of over-tiredness!>~
Ryeowook: ㅜㅜ I love you~~~!!! Don't be sad~~~~

Fan: Oppa, you must be happy~ Come back to China regularly, I love you all! Kyuhyun-oppa, please give me a reply~ Wuwu*
Kyuhyun: Okay okay, I definitely will go to China this year ^^

* Wuwu = crying sound

Fan: Donghae-ah, happy valentines day... I love you ^^ Hwaiting
Donghae: You are my everything ^^

Fan: Sungmin-oppa, I will be taking my exam next month. Please give me some encouragement. hehehehe
Sungmin: Do well for your exam~!! Hwaiting!

Fan: Ryeowook-oppa, if I go Korea for a vacation this holiday, could you be my tourguide? Haha~
Ryeowook: Come to Korea~~~ ^^ I will treat you meals~~~~ Treat you ^^

Fan: Aish~ Kyuhyun-oppa... I miss you! I don't know how to continue studying... My brain is full of you! Let's get married!
Kyuhyun: I also miss you~~~ ^^

Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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