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[CY] Leeteuk's cyworld 1 Photo Entry + 1 Diary Entry + Sidebar Update 2009.10.27

Photo Entry:

In the ...Jung Soo... folder

2009.10.27 03:21
Title: ..hyung~!! have a safe trip..

..BOOM Academy leader..BOOM..Minho** hyung..

..have a safe trip and stay healthy..

..without knowing it, [our] feelings grew deep..

..thank you for taking care [of me]..

..although people don't really know what hyung is really like..

..but hyung your way of working hard has touched me again..

..really can't let go..ㅠㅠ

..don't worry, I'll work hard..

..ah..the recent weather also makes a person feel lonely..

..hyu.... matter what suitable departure [it] is always a painful thing..

**Minho is BOOM's real name

Diary Entry:

2009.10.27 04:21


Sidebar Update:

Today is...lonesome

..Minho hyung have a safe trip..ㅠㅠ

Credits: 박정수 Cyworld
sjblue: Korean -> Chinese
Fever @ : Chinese -> English
Please do not add your own credits or re-translate

[tists/CY] Other Artists >Yang Dongsun 2009.10.25

Yang Dongson's Diary
Written on 2009.10.25 at 14:41

Somehow today feels refreshing so-

Wish good luck to Hyunwoo, who's catching new hearts! A little troubled Youngwoonie too fighting! My friend Jonghyuk fighting!
Hyunglae, Gugyo, Eontae, Seungjo fighting-
Aunt Joorae get better, Sungho hyung you have to do well too! Uncle Youngjun fighting!
Dongsunie's dear family members too fighting!
Sungminie, Donghae, Ryeowookie, Heechulie hyung, Donghee OF Super Junior fighting too!
Woojae, Jihwan OF Typhoon I miss you tooT^T
Faster than any other man, Ockchulie hyung OF Outsider!
Enthusiastic Sooyoungie, Seohyun, Sunny OF sonyeoshidae too fighting from the army!
They aren't my fans but I love E.L.F. too^^)/

I feel good, everybody fighting!! feels like I put on some weight--^

Mmh..looking at the looks like the special thanks to in an album;;

There are many people to include but my mood is just so UP!

The soldier has yet another year and 2 months to go, but it will be soon!

Original Source. 양동선 미니홈피
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET

This is a picture of Yang Dongsun with Sungmin and Ryeowook on Chunji's Anniversary (June 2008)

[NEWS] Hankyung vouches for Kangin's character and helps Siwon apply lip balm

Recently, Super Junior M and their junior Zhang Liyin have released a mini album and an album single 晴天,雨天 (qing tian, yu tian, Sunny Day, Rainy Day)> respectively. During the album release conference held in Beijing, Hankyung not only helped Siwon apply lip balm, but the two also joked around, acting out an intimate scene as lovers taking photos. Regarding the criticisms Super Junior member Kangin has received for his involvement in a drink-and-drive accident, Hankyung not only expressed his support for his fellow group mate but also vouched for his character.

The sweet scene with member Donghae and Zhang Liyin taking photos together in the MV made Hankyung and Siwon, who both did not participate in the filming, very envious. As such, the two of them re-enacted one of the classic footages in the MV, making lots of mistakes and thus causing much laughter off-stage. In the event segment after that, Hankyung helped his good buddy (Siwon) apply lip balm, and gave this lip balm to a selected lucky fan, causing much envy amongst the other supporters.

Not long ago, SJ member Kangin was condemned by the public for causing an accident while drink-driving. As his buddy, Hankyung has shown his support, saying that Kangin is very caring towards the other members and vouches for his character. Touching on Kangin's current situation, Hankyung said that he should still be in the midst of trying to re-adjust himself and hopes that everyone can give him time and a second chance.

SR: 新浪娱乐
Translated by yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-WORLD.NET



[VID] Super Junior Eunhyuk & 4minute Hyuna – My Ears Candy cut

credits; the uploader.

[CY] Leeteuk's cyworld update 1 Diary Entry + Sidebar Update 2009.10.26

Diary Entry:

2009.10.25 일(2009.10.26 02:52)

..body is malfunctioning..

..stomach is very weak..

..intestines aren't digesting well..

..blood..from head to foot has all been blocked..

..waist aches..pelvis aches..

..head hurts..

..all is because of stress, don't get enough sleep..

..a bit oversensitive..need to worry about too many things..head is about to explode..

Credits: 박정수 Cyworld
sj baidu bar: Korean -> Chinese
Fever @ Chinese -> English
DO NOT retranslate!!
Please take out with full credits, do not add your own


Today is..dull


..have both malfunctioned..

Credits: 박정수 Cyworld
onlysj13: Korean -> Chinese
Fever @ Chinese -> English
DO NOT retranslate!!
Please take out with full credits, do not add your own

[NEWS] SJ-M is not afraid of being taken advantage of by Xiao S.

SJ-M is not afraid of being taken advantage of by Xiao S. Squeezed in the lift to avoid fans.

We actually came to Hangzhou twice but we didn't even have a chance to see Westlake(xihu) at all. Checked in the hotel at 4AM in the morning and we still have to secretly use the back door....on the stage, they perform glamourously. Not on the stage, they avoid the light. This is Korea's popular Idol group, Super Junior-M's behind the camera's life. Yesterday, at around 20:15, after waiting at a not very popular wine shop for more than an hour, 7 of the SJ-M members finally accepted our exclusive interview. The entire interview took around 10 minutes, which was short of 300seconds of the agreed time.

Debuting for less than 2 years, SJ-M has been the most popular Korean group that has swept across China. Be it the China members or Korean members,both has fans that equivalents up to 7 digits. Each and every of them has their own fans and this has made many of the stars(in china) envious.

To judge whether a star is famous or not, we have to look at how they are appearing. This time, SJ-M, who have come just for a concert, has received very good treatment. "Each of SJ-M's members stays in a suite. There's a total of 18 people(including the managers and ectetc) and 12 rooms had to be prepared."someone reveals. A 7 member group has received the same treatment as 7 individual stars. "There was once when we performed at Shanghai, we had to use 10 bodyguards to form a human wall so that we can let SJ-M move in and out sucessfully. The bodyguard fees are $500 for each guard."

Behind all the glamours was being unable to leave the hotel. This time at Hangzhou was also no exception. Besides the hotel and the performing venue, they were unable to go anywhere else. "(I) want to go to the Westlake(xihu)!" The first question was to ask about what their impression of Hangzhou was and Siwon's answer in a language he wasn't familiar in gave everyone a shock. He was saying and laughing away. "I really want to go to Westlake(Xihu) and play! I heard that it is very beautiful but everytime that I come, I never had a chance to visit. I felt that it was a pity." Hankyung talks as a endorser as usual. To them, even getting a glimpse of the Westlake(xihu) was a difficult task.

SJ-M's every movement seems to be grasped by the knowledgable fans forever. Yesterday,while some reporters were waiting for the lift, there was already 10 of the fans stalking the lift. One of fans said "For now, even if its the China and Korea fans communicating with each other, when they registered in a plane here, the other side will know it as well".

To ensure the quality of the performance, SJ-M will usually reach the place the night before the performance. This time, they also travelled at night. Yesterday at 3AM,they rushed from Wuxi to Hangzhou. When they reached,they were shocked to see a huge amount of fans waiting for them. "Very shocked and very grateful!"said Zhoumi. What's even shocking that they don't know was that there was 4 cars of fans that followed them all the way from Wuxi to Hangzhou.

According to the hotel's person-in-charge, he reveals that SJ-M's fans are like cows*. They didn't even blink their eye when they booked a hotel room that costs up to 1000rmb. Due to the limited amount of rooms, the fans that didn't managed to book a room refused to leave and stays at the lobby. "I don't even know what those fans are thinking..they are mostly girls born after 1990. There was this girl from Beijing who sat at the lobby and shouted at those people who was curious." This person-in-charge has a face full of curiousity.

Playing "hide-and-seek" with the fans seems to be a habit to SJ-M. Coming to Hangzhou for the first time, the 7 of them separates and live on 2 floors. "The artistes stays on the 16 and 17th floor. We do our make-up on the 29th floor but every floor seems to have fans." someone reveals, "every door seems to have a fan who is on a stand-by. If there was any movement,the fans will inform the others using their cellphones."

Checking into the hotel has to be fast and secretive. When leaving the hotel,you have to be fast and secretive as well. From the 29th floor, you'd have to use the lift till the 5th floor. After that, you'd have to use the worker's lift and get out through the back door. Last night, we wanted to use the same lift as SJ-M to go down but in the end, we got "chased" out by them. The reason was:The lift was fully occupied by them! When playing hide-and-seek with the fans,SJ-M's movements are relatively strict.

11th of November,2009 Kangxi Festival World tour·Hangzhou's stop will be at at the Yellow Dragon Sports Centre. At that time, SJ-M would have the status of the opening group,as well as, guests. About the upcoming party-like performance, Zhoumi and Hankyung's smile shows that they are very excited.

"I've watched "Kangxi is here" since I was in High School and I like Xiao S a lot. Actually,we are supposed to go to Taiwan in December to promote our new album and I was hoping to see Xiao S". Zhoumi couldn't keep it in and started to cut in. "We will watch almost every week's "Kangxi is here" and we will also talk about it together". Hankyung adds.

The hot MC, Xiao S, is very straight-forward. Sometimes,even if the person is a kid or a grown-up,she wouldn't let them off easily. Are you guys afraid that Xiao S might take advantage of you or are you worried that you might not be able to withstand her hotness? "We understand her a lot and we know more about her than she knows about us. So, we are not afraid." Zhoumi laughs happily.

With the backs of many fans, about performing on the same stage with Lin Yuchun and Zhou Bichang, SJ-M is not worried. "We've actually met Lin Yuchun on a Asia Music Programme before" Hankyung reveals. All of the Korean members knows who Lin Yuchun is but they aren't very familiar with Zhou Bichang.

*I think it meant that the fans are very stubborn

Credit :
Translated by ☆Yoojin @ SJ-WORLD.NET

[NEWS] SOHU SJ-M & Zhang Li Yin Joint Press Conference

Sponsored by Sohu, Super Junior-M (Super Girl) and Zhang Liyin (Rainy Day Sunny Day) will be holding a joint press conference on October 26 at a secret location in Beijing! For this private event, Sohu will allowing SJM fans and Zhang Liyin fans to closely meet with their idols. From going on-stage with them to taking face-to-face photos with them, this is an event that Sohu has specially organized for their registered members! Don't hesitate and grab tickets now!

Source: Sohu, Chinaren
Translations: Wendy @ Chocolyn
Take out with full credits! :)

[INFO] SJM is very popular in Hangzhou, Fans wants to listen to "Me".

Korea's group Super Junior-M is very popular in Hangzhou, fans wants to listen to "Me".
2009-10-22 9:22:00
Just how famous is the group the came from Korea, Super Junior-M, is in China? Just by looking at how frequent they are appearing you would know. This famous group, which consists of 7 boys, has been famous in at least half of China. Just last week, Super Junior-M has guested in "Happy Camp" and "Tian Tian Xiang Shang". Following closely was their concert in Shanghai, which made their fans very high. The one that took the most attention was group leader Hankyung. Not only did he had hope to be the host of Hunan Weishi's "Move on bravely", he was also reccommended to act in a new production of an old drama, "Never close the eye", by a famous actor, Luyi, as Xiaotong.

On Saturday night,this handsome man(Hankyung) will lead the other 6 members of Super Junior-M and appear at Hangzhou. They will be holding a concert, "Ma Ge KTV 09's Asian Super Idol Concert" at Hanzhou's sports stadium together with China Taiwan's Lollipop and The Mainland's Bobo. With 3 popular idol groups working together, the concert will be very exciting. Thus, about 70% of Hangzhou's sports stadium's 4000 tickets has already been taken up by fans.

The fans are anxious but the main characters aren't very relaxed as well. The organizer's spokesperson, Mr He, reveals that because there were too many performance clothes to be chosen from, Hankyung has some hestitation. "His clothes has some that are a bit of the rock style and some that are on the gentle side. I hope that the fans would tell the ticketing person-in-charge which style does he look better in and I will take it as a reference." Also, according to the voting in the Ma Ge KTV, Super Junior-M's "me" has been the song that has been most selected to be sung.

Translated by ☆Yoojin@SJ-WORLD.NET

[NEWS] Suju Eunhyuk "Shinee Minho has changed after joining in entertainment (show)"

Super Junior Eunhyuk had said something about how Shinee Minho changed after he joining in variety shows.

On the show KBS2TV "Let's go ! Dream team season 2" epsidoe which will be aired on October 25th, Eunhyuk said "Minho has changed", "He had been very nervous when joining in variety show for the first time. So he had called me and asked me to teach him some variety shows' secret methods. However, after he attending 'Dream team 2", he no longer called me".

Minho who was embarrassed because of those words had said immediately "Leeteuk was the one I called (so) why are you like this ?" and expressed that Eunhyuk's words are unfair to him.

original article is here
translated by
may take out with full credits


[INTERVIEW] Interview from Malay EPOP Magazine


All members except for KiBum
LeeTeuk (LT); RyeoWook (RW); ShinDong (SD); KangIn (KI); HanGeng (HG); SungMin (SM); SiWon (SW); KyuHyun (KH); DongHae (DH); YeSung (YS); EunHyuk (EH); HeeChul (HC)
EPOP (EP); Everyone (EV)


Hello, and there they are… Super Junior! These 13 princes possess a strong group of ELF (Everlasting Friends) who always support them. Their support has made Super Junior bravely accepting every challenge and wanting to show everyone their talents! What’s more, their song has become popular throughout the whole of Asia, fantastic! Currently, they are busy with their concert, ! Even though they are busy, we still have to ‘catch’ them in order to know about their latest situation! They who love to make noise and are straightforward will surely with bring about the most interesting message! What are those? Come on, let’s take a look!

EP: Other than the concerts in Korea, you are also having the Asia Tour and recently the in Hong Kong. Are you feeling tired?
LT: Truthfully, everything is still OK! Everyone is practicing really hard, cause we want to portray a much more mature aspect. If you had the chance to attend the concert in Korea, RyeoWook showed not only a sexy but MAN aspect! Ha ha….
RW: (smiles shyly) Actually, I wanted to perform a sentimental song but they said to try something new so I did!
SD: To be honest, we said no such thing, RyeoWook himself wanted to do so! Ha ha ha…
KI: Even if we had not said it, he himself would still have done it!

EP: is so popular that almost the whole of Asia knows about it. How do you feel regarding this?
LT: Of course, we are very happy. So… this is our most famous song. Ha ha~
HG: Very happy! Even so, hope you guys will still support us when our fourth album releases!

EP: Do you feel that you have become famous now?
SM: The meaning of famous is different for each person. Frankly, we feel that we still just OK. When someone thought of something, you will think that he is really handsome! But when he does another thing, you will think that he is very cool! This just shows that everyone has their own standards.

EP: What are your opinions about the changes in the third album?
SW: (still thinking) ……
HG: We are the COOLest guys! Ha ha…
RW: Compared to the second album before this, we have really put in a lot of effort and planned really long for this album. I feel really happy because everyone can sing Korean songs. This is because the rhythm for is really simple and the dance steps are easy to learn! Ha ha…

EP: The promotional activities this time are rather frequent, right?
KI: Ermmm… yea, cause of that, our friendship has gotten a lot better. And because we are always together, the togetherness is also becoming more in sync and perfect.

EP: Besides being hectic with the concert, the members have also recently gone for a commercial photoshoot in Thailand. Was there anything interesting?
KH: Ha ha~ I remember during that commercial, there were some female artists who taught us Yoga. It was quite difficult but we were able to do it in the end. But during the photoshoot, we had to pretend as if we did not know how, that photo was really hilarious!

EP: If you are asked to pick, who is the most popular?
DH: LeeTeuk hyung, his communication skills are really good!
SW: I agree!
YS: Even though I might not be the perfect member, in some aspects, I think that I am quite popular as well~ Ha ha, nevertheless I will work hard for the best performance.

EP: (to LT) Do you think that you are a good leader?
LT: Ha ha… me? Just average. In my opinion, as a leader, one should not be too outstanding or too weak. So let it be just average! Ha ha…

EP: You have a really close friendship, would you be willing to attend a promotional activity by yourself?
SW: Please… no~ I still remember when I attended the photoshoot for the film alone, I could not fit in at all. At that time, I wished I had other members with me as well.
EH: Me too. If I attend an entertainment program alone, I don’t think there will be any conversation topics. If there are other members by my side, the atmosphere would definitely be more cheerful.
YS: I attended a TV program alone before, and I panicked. I remember at that time, I did not talk a lot. If there were other members, I would have felt more comfortable.

EP: In many entertainment programs, HanGeng does not really talk a lot. Is it because he does not really understand Korean?
HG: Ah…..
HC: (interrupts HG) Even though his conversational skills are not that fluent, but he knows where the gag point is and his response to it is really fast. BUT if you ask him to do some stuffs, he will pretend not to understand Korean! He he…

EP: Who is the naughtiest?
LT: Most people would think it is HeeChul, but besides him, RyeoWook also likes to play pranks as well.
EH: I agree. There was once when RyeoWook put something in my hand late at night. At that time, I thought it was HeeChul hyung’s cat. But I got a shock when I saw it. Did you know that thing did look like a cat!
RW: Ha ha… that is actually just a toy!
LT: But it was really scary!
EH: There’s more, when my parents came to visit, RyeoWook told others I brought my girlfriend home! Meanie….
RW: ha ha…. (laughs hysterically)

EP: Is it true everyone thinks that RyeoWook is the one who knows how to take care of others the best?
RW: That is only LeeTeuk hyung’s opinion.
LT: That is a fact! Sometimes, he is like our mother, once when EunHyuk and I went home late and it was him who cooked for us. He kept asking if we were hungry. Oh and his best dish is friend sausage with vegetables. Yummy~
HC: In fact, HenGeng can cook as well. For example, his Beijing fried rice is really delicious!

EP: What does HeeChul hates the most?
HC: Hate? Hospital!! I still remember the time when I had to go to the hospital for a TV recording and at that time I didn’t want to go. Because I feel that if a healthy body goes to a hospital, it will turn sick as well! Besides that, I am also afraid of injections, never even tried vaccination by injection before!

EP: Can you reveal any secret about any of the members?
LT: KangIn really likes to dig our ears!
KI: Who says so?
EH: He really likes it and bans us from digging our own ears!
KI: It’s for your own good!
EV: ha ha…

EP: Is SiWon a gentleman be it on TV or in real life?
SW: Haha…. Em…. Actually I want to become a perfect person. Besides working hard with my career, I also want to be a good son, father and husband! In my family, I want to achieve the full marks. Even though in the future when I am old, I would still want to show my perfect side. That is my mission!

Source: Malay EPOP Oct 2009 Issue
Translation (Malay > English): Kyrill @

[CY] Hangeng's cyworld 1 diary entry, updated with replies. ~ 2009.10.25


Four day tour hehehehe!

I'm currently at Hangzhou Airport's lounge hehe~~! Writing an entry in the lounge feels weird hehe.

We went to Kunshan, Ningbo, Wuxi and Hangzhou for the four days. Although we sat in buses rushing around, and were very tired, we totally forgot our exhaustion when we saw everyone's support and heard everyone's shouts hehe~~~! Majority of you had came from all parts of the country to cheer for me, and I am very touched. I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart, thank everybody for what you've done for me. Let us work hard together, hwaiting!

I love you all~~!

Hangeng~~ Hangeng~~~ Hangeng Geng fan~~ Geng fan~~~ Geng fan Hahahaha!!

Geng fan = fans of geng.

Source: Hangeng's Chinese Cyworld
Translated by: (L) @
Do take out with full credits. ^^

EDIT; He replied in the same post

I need to fly now 88 - (means board the plane).

I am SUPER MEN~~~~~~~~!

We will see each other again next time, weather is chilly, please wear more clothes (or keep yourself warm). 88. I fly~~!

88 means byebye ~
Translated by: derek26 @

[CY] Yesung's cyworld 1 photo entry 2009.10.25

2009.10.25 12:38

Jung Myeong Su ^^

Original souce: Yesung's CY
trans by LaCrymaMosa

[CY] Leeteuk's cyworld 1 photo entry 2009.10.25

In the "...Special..." Folder
2009.10.25 01:48
Title: ..365 days..

..365 days.. 1 year..

..October 25th..

..1 year had passed..

..The me that is smiling in the photo.. is really blissful..

..Till now, it felt like as though it was yesterday.. It's already been 1 year.. Already.. Time passes so quickly..

..within this period, I grew 1 year older.. this period, I have also gained 1kg..

..I even have the ability to think carefully..

..And also the ability to endure..


..My heart is still like that..still the same throughout..

..If time can stop for a day..

..Or...........(I am) afraid that time can only slow down a little

Credits: 박정수 Cyworld
Korean to Chinese:
Chinese to English: Existence & ★_Excentrique @
Take out with full and proper credits! Please do NOT add your own! Thank you!

[CY] Eunhyuk's cyworld 2 photo entries 2009.10.24

cr: Eunhyuk's Cyworld
Kr-Chi: Sjbluecn

2009.10.24 23:26

The things I ate in France……hehehe really!!!
I can eat them in Korea too hehehe McDonald&PIZZA&……lovely snacks!!
when thinking about the hard time i had finding a korean supermarket……T T
if it weren't for these snacks, this travel would've been flavorless……

2009.10.24 23:30

But when you're in France, you should try their famous foods too
Holding this thought, and eating these!!!
Legends say this is the best place to eat Brown(?)Cake~
I ate a Brown(?)Cake and a Sandwich hehehehe
even though it was a little greasy, but it was very sweet very tasty!!!

[CY] Leeteuk's cyworld 1 diary entry 2009.10.25

cr: Leeteuk's Cyworld
Kr-Chi: Sjbluecn


2009.10.25 01:22

……Sometimes I feel dizzy……I didn't use to sweat a lot,but sometimes now I sweat a lot……
……my face is often hot……my skin is always in a bad condition……Oo……So weird……
……Today i went to Han Hospital……Pressure……Fatigue……Blood Circulation Problems……Oo……
……It's below average……Wow……really fascinating……Hehehehehe
……I have so many places i need to pay attention to……Hehehe
……Starting from next week I need to eat medicine……^^
……I need to start taking care of my body……
……Recover to a better body……^^

[UFO] Zhou Mi UFOs about SHINee 081005+06

Fan: Zhoumi Ge! Zhou mi Ge! Are you and shinee close friends? This is one cute child wa!
Zhoumi:(we) are good friends and my good brothers. We practise together when in-training, we live together before debut. They are very cute and hard-working! Everybody support them!

Fan: Zhou mi GeGe! Whose your favourite in SHINee ? I love O New best~ Minho is very cool~ Very cute!
Zhoumi: I love them both! Before, I always go out with KEY, went to Shanghai for swimming with Minho, Went to gym with ONEW, sing with JongHyun. And Taemin teaches me how to dance~



[CY] Sungmin's cyworld 1 diary entry 2009.10.24

2009.10.24 토 02:46

What if....


could be performed at places...ㅎㅎ

that'd be good~
Credits: 이성민 Cyworld
sjblue: Korean -> Chinese
Fever @ : Chinese -> English
Please do not remove credits or re-translate

[CY] Ryeowook's cyworld 1 diary entry 2009.09.18

Super Show~!! Hong Kong~ ^^
The friends who came to Hong Kong today~~ Thank you very much ^^* Hope you all like~ Super Junior M's new song~ SUPER GIRL~~!! I love you all~~^^

Credits : Ryeowook's CY
Translation - Fever @
Please do not remove credits

[CY] Leeteuk's cyworld 1 photo entry + 1 diary entry 2009.10.24

Photo Entry:

2009.10.24 04:05
Title: Happily excited*

..this is Jazz Turn..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..stare with focus at one place snap snap~! spin your body..

..this is Jazz Turn..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Diary Entry:

2009.10.23 금(2009.10.24 04:34)


Credits: 박정수 Cyworld
sjblue: Korean -> Chinese
Fever @ : Chinese -> English
Please do not remove credits or re-translate

[CY] Leeteuk's cyworld sidebar update 2009.10.23

credits; Leeteuk's cyworld + for reupload.
please do not hotlink!

[CY] Yesung's cyworld 2 photo entries 2009.10.23

Folder: Day by Day
Title: .
2009.10.23 14:11

I'm Jung Myungsu


Folder: Heavenly Clouds ^^
Title: .
2009.10.23 14:13

Haesun Nuna, Suyong Hyung, Hunjin Hyung, Doyeon, Bumseok Hyung..

Credit: ♬thea @

[CY] Eunhyuk's cyworld 1 diary entry 2009.10.19

2009.10.19 월 02:31
they said that morning comes to everyone...

and whether the morning shines bright depends on myself...

but.. I pray all night long... that this night doesn't last long....

Source: Lee Hyukjae Cyworld
Translated by:

[CY] Heechul's cyworld 1 photo entry 2009.10.22

Cutie Honey
2009.10.22 20:26

Performing Twins with the Cutie Honey hairstyle

It's really....
The pictures are actually very well taken (-┏)
That's why I'm on a diet
The forgotten jawline has been rediscovered

Now, I've lost 5Kg

Me: I want to make a video on dieting

Manager Hyung : (⊙ _ ⊙ㆀ) What's wrong with you again ;;

Me: Lost 5Kg in a week~ I've now slimmed down from a double chin to single chin

Since my room is a bit far from Teukie's room, I'd only bumped into him yesterday after a long time..

Teuk : Ya! Why did you become like this !! Don't go overboard with slimming down;;

Me: I want to be as slim as I am in the past ㅡㅡ Now, I'm only a pig that is acting

Teuk: You're really intense;; Even though it's already understandable when you quit drinking and smoking;;

At the moment, Heebum's also dieting with me

Source: Heenim's Cy.
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[Trainees CY] About Kangin 2009.10.20

This is Kang Junyoung; he was a trainee at SM Entertainment and was also chosen to be a Super Junior member. He left the group only a few weeks before their debut, and was thus quickly replaced by Ryeowook. Up to this day he's still believed to be the guy with the white hoodie who danced with the boys at the October 2005 Showcase aired on 100% [X]

Title: ....
Written on 2009.10.20 at 08:21 AM

Hyung's subsequent bad incidents...
going up and down the netizens' lips
and what is worse..some headless chickens
have petitions in hope to get
Kangin hyung banned from Super Junior?
That's what I heard they're trying to do..
As for these really scary and invisible enemies...
now it's creepy..
they drag one person to hell just like that
like with 2pm's Leader Jeabeom...I believe!
Right now hyung is continuously getting involved in bad occurrings..
but he's a man who could definitely be standing next to the fans
with a good image like in the picture again!
Although I couldn't be in the same boat..nevertheless, within Super Junior,
where this can't be omitted, it's Kangin who has the most influence,
whether small or big everyone made some kind of a mistake in their lifetime.
Along with the harsh lesson he's getting due to this incident, I would like for our supportive hand
and love to reach hyung..because it's really tough on hyung..
All headless chickens too, please..we're all the same kind of people
and you could see it as guiding a single household
it would be nice if you could think of him as a son that's like a big pillar and just warmly embrace him.
Although I am a dongseng to hyung, and even though at one point we weren't on good terms..for that reason I feel more affectionate towards him and when I'm having a hard time he was the person I could go to.
I believe all E.L.F. will give hyung a lot of strength.
I'm saying it once if nothing, the Kangin hyung by our side, by the fans' side
is not the Kangin who is currently in front of the TV viewers..
I will pray for Kangin to be perceived as essential to the core of Super Junior.
Hyung! I'm praying a lot..I trust hyung, nothing bad will happen!
Keep your chin up! I'm always grateful and, even if we can't see each other often, thank you for calling me too
and being concerned about come back again quickly!!!!
Because I'm not the only one who's waiting for hyung, everyone is...
all these people joining forces for the ban and all are many, but that crap doesn't even make sense..the thing we can that all of us pray for hyung!
Because trying to fight with these headless chickens just makes you exactly stoop down to their level..
It's extremely difficult for all E.L.F. as well, since it's painfully tough for the members too..
I would like it if we could give each other strength.
I'm ending this entry with hopes of hyung quickly winning over these headless chickens..
by showing a good image again and hopes of him returning as Super Junior Kangin...

----p.s: I like hyung's big and lively smile so I look at the picture again..
----------Even more when I meet hyung I'd like to hear the sound of hyung's laughter..especially now..
--------------So!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Come back soon...hyung...

Original Source. 강준영 Cyworld
Translation by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET

[CY] Leeteuk's cyworld 1 diary entry 2009.10.22

2009.10.21 Wed (2009.10.22 04:43)

..If the waves are chaotic..That's the wind surfing..

..If there's a blizzard..Then (we) can glide on the soft ground..

..Difference in thoughts..A little happier, a little stronger..

..There's still a lot things that must be done..

..Other than being SuJu's leader..

..Now in the company, other than Kanta hyung I'm the eldest.. - -;;

..Although sad..ㅋㅋㅋFor the sake of everyone, can only sacrifice..

..Must work harder..To be an even more handsome person..

Source: Park Jungsoo Cyworld
Translated by viragis @

[CY] Leeteuk's cyworld sidebar update 2009.10.21

091021 Sidebar Update


Source: Jungsoo's Cyworld
Translation: iceylover @

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[091020/Other Artists Fancafe] About Kangin

the 7th letter to. fans of Youngwoonie
09.10.20 06:10

hello- I'm Dongsun, Youngwoonie's friend who has gone to the army..
to sit my exam yesterday i came out for 2 days 1 night..
a little late..i heard a heart breaking news-
what a day for Youngwoonie fans..ELF and CAMOMILE i urge you to give Youngwoonie the strength and support he needs..
thanks to ELF while in the army i received letters all the different kinds of snacks book packages thanks to everyone my life in the army was enjoyable..
ELF take good care of me alot but i can't take care of Youngwoonie i'm sorry-
aren't ELF tired i worry, but you love still Youngwoonie and Suju am i right^^?
now instead of calling him writing a letter would be better so i wrote him a letter -
ELF! how you protect them..
i'm envious of youngwoonie and suju for having such awesome fans-
the world's most awesome fans ELF- i feel embarrassed saying this but..himnae aja aja hwaiting !!
the next time..
i will definitely write on a happy day-

PS. ELF fan Dongsun-
please do not be upset if i don't reply to the memos and guestbook entries on my minihompy-
going through alot of heartache..ELF and CAMOMILE keep your chin up!
ELF and CAMOMILE are not alone! suju + dongseon..i will always give my support!!
on days when you're busy and can't give suju support i will always give my support starting from today all of you are not alone-!
hope your life is filled with happy days!
so in the mean time Suju please smile and ELF can give their support i will do my best for my duties in the army GoGo..

source: camomile
translated by: carolyn @
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[NEWS] SuJu EunHyuk and 4Minute HyunA for couple dance with ‘My Ear’s Candy’

SuJu EunHyuk and 4Minute HyunA for couple dance with ‘My Ear’s Candy’

4Minute HyunA and Super Junior EunHyuk revealed their couple dance of ‘My Ear’s Candy’.

4Minute recently appeared at the filming of KBS NDrama ‘Super Junior’s Miracle’. The show is about giving mentor to strayed students. And for this latest filming, 4Minute has appeared on the show as Hope Messengers, and was greatly welcomed by Super Junior.After introducing 4Minute as the group which “shows off all their charms in 4Minute“, they suggested a ‘happy virus dance party” and 4Minute member HyunA did a dance with EunHyuk on Baek Ji Young’s dance hit ‘My Ear’s Candy’.

Eun Hyuk also revealed the ‘boobiboobi dance’ during 2PM TaecYeon’s rap part of the song.

The show will be aired on 24th October at 8pm.

source: sookyeong
myystiqueen@ SJ-WORLD.NET

[NEWS] SJ-M Comeback OPPO CF to be released

[09-10-20]SJ-M Comeback OPPO CF to be released

Asia's boy group SJ-M comeback and had recently guested in China's popular variety show "Happy Camp" and "Tian Tian Xiang Shang"showed their irrestible charm and fame, causing their fans to feast their eyes on the wonderful performance.

In "Happy Camp", SJ-M and the host had close interaction, creating chemsitry between them. Xie Na's (host) daring action caused Siwon to get a big shock. On the other hand, Hankyung revealed that he has plans to get married in 5 years time. Shocking news revealed, endless fun moments.

Because of the rare opportunity to meet SJ-M, the recent screening of "Happy Camp" allowed fans to admit that there's so much benefits for them. Also, SJ-M's recent exceptionally wonderful CF photoshoot photos caused fans to drool* and gasp with admiration. Observant fans also noticed that the mysterious woman in "Happy Camp", Kim Min Ji, was actually SJ-M's latest OPPO handphone CF female lead! Futhermore, with reliable resources, the OPPO CF will be different from other normal handphone CF that is usually screened on the TV. It will be chosen to be released at the end of october on the internet.

Source: Tencent Entertainment / 来源: 腾讯娱乐 / Mirrors : [1], [2], [3]
Editing and pictures reuploaded by ☆Yoojin@SJ-WORLD.NET
Translated by: Cianra@SJ-WORLD.NET

[NEWS] Shindong and Eunhyuk challenged B-boys with aerobic dance

During the filming of MBC Ilbam's , Shindong and Eunhyuk met the best B-boy group in the world, 'Last For One'.

Nodaji's MC Crew fully unleashed their hidden dancing abilities in front of the world-class B-boys while special guests Shindong and Eunhyuk thanked the B-boys for their magnificent performance with a light aerobic dance.

The MCs picked up a couple of basic B-boy moves from the members of 'Last For One', and an impromptu performance showdown then unfolded, with Shindong and Eunhyuk decisively distinguishing themselves in the battle. Having seen Eunhyuk's splendid dancing talent, Shin Junghwan joked with Eunhyuk, asking him to leave Super Junior and join 'Last For One' instead.

This episode will air on 25 Oct, at 6.45pm.

Sr: Newsen
Cr: NINE @ 木浦
Translated by yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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