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[CY] Leeteuk's Cyworld Update 2009.04.29 (II)

..My Wife Got Married..(...Think...)
2009.04.29 01:15 AM

..because Song Hye Jin is in the film, the membersㅋㅋㅋ

..agreed to watch it together but missed it..ㅋㅋㅋa movie we weren't able to watch..ㅋㅋㅋ's more explicit than I thought. Men were saying angry words as they watched..

..but it's really interesting..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..but I earnestly read the book that I received as a present..

..during that time, I read books about morality and about techniques of becoming a leader, read in soccer...

..married a lover..but married again..

..whoa..nonsense...ㅋㅋㅋㅋI would be dead if it was me..!!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ would obviously react to cheating like this..

..women would be breaking the traditions that prohibit such acts...

..if I were to face such a situation, I would die..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..someone you may be loving right now has kept in touch with another?...

..regret is inevitable later on..ㅋㅋㅋㅋconsequences will be great, too..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..But I..realize I can never receive love and turn my eyes away

..don't do that..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ's interesting...but I don't want to experience this in real life..ㅋㅋㅋ

..having one lover is enough...

credit: Jungsoo's CY, SJ Baidu bar,
translated from Chinese to English by:
Please be aware parts of the original entry may be missing or inconsistent due to inevitable factors from translating from another language.

[CY] Leeteuk's Cyworld Update 2009.04.29 (I)

..Beloved Donghae.. (...Special...)
2009.04.29 at 01:31 AM

..My brother Lee Dong Hae..who's now become more than a fellow member of the group..'s been 10 years together..we've been through alot..

..Happiness Sadness Joy Tears..we've been through it little brother..

..when I come back from a tiring schedule.. brother makes me laugh by saying..hyung!!!hyung's really jjang..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ do you do it on broadcasts?..kekekeke I'm so jealous..kekekeke little brother who can make me smile..

..when I lay down to sleep... he calls out hyung!!!!!!!......

..I'm going to (sleep) beside hyung..and hw slips into the blankets..

..and then because it's annoying I kick him away..ㅋㅋㅋ then he comes back pretending to be upset

..but its really annoying..kekekekekekekekekekekekekekek *and the laughter goes on*

..he said: Hyung! When I leave for China again, you'll be lonely. he's in HongKong...and I'm really

..early morning even though he's tired he's always willing to talk about worries and troubles throughout the night...

..he always says..that he'll always believe in me and will always follow me...and it's because hyung is doing well..and he gives me strength...ㅠㅠ

..Donghae ya!! I want you to be happy always!!!... you remember that time when we were crying together because we didn't know what the future held for us, whether we would be able to succeed, before we debuted?..kkkk now you're working ahead so don't be worried now..

..Do your best!! Hyung will work hard as well and become the best Idol, and best MC....kekeke

..and then get secured..and bring you up!!!!!!!kekekekeke promise!!!

..I'm alone in this big room..I'm lonely..I miss you..keke

..Your father in Heaven is always watching over you and supporting you..!!!!

..Thank you..!! Like you always said our health is the most important!!!..

..You be healthy too!!

..My little brother Lee Donghae...!! I LOVE YOU........................^^v

Original Source. 박정수 Cyworld
Credits to *//{baby해}, carolyn & soundscape at SJ-WORLD.NET


[CY] Leeteuk's Cyworld Update 2009.04.28 (II)

..What?..(...Jung Soo...)
2009.04.28 at 03:24 AM

..what is this?...ㅋㅋㅋ

..umm...umm..this expression...

..looks a lot like an actresses' expression backstage a few days ago..

..even if it doesn't, please don't get me wrong..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..only slept 2 hours for 2 days straight..this is because I didn't sleep..

..even so.. I don't have time..

..I must really be crazy..really..

credit: Jungsoo's CY, SJ Baidu bar, liber@SJ宝蓝阁
translated from Chinese to English by:

[CY] Leeteuk's Cyworld Update 2009.04.28 (I)

..Stage.. (..Special..)
2009.04.28 at 03:12 AM

..I am happy when I am on stage..

..I like that wave of blue..

..I like the eardrum splitting sounds of loud screams..

..I like to be able to breathe along with the members..

..Each and every stage is a good reminiscence and a happy memory..

Original Source. 박정수 Cyworld
Translations credits to La'MISS:fairy at SJ-WORLD.NET
Image credits to carolyn at SJ-WORLD.NET



[CY] Heechul Cyworld Update 2009.04.26

Heechul's Cyworld Entry 2009.06.04 00:09
In the '上' folder..


After cross-dressing as a female, while I was backstage thinking of a good name


Me : Hmm.. What should I named? (-┏) 희순이 (Hee Suni)? 희자 (Hee Ja)? There's no character in these kind of names..


Script-writer : Heechul-sshi~ Have you decided on a name?


Me : Hmm.... Do you have SNSD's songs? Can you play it later?


Script-writer: Ah yes.. We should be the one thanking (you)ㅎㅎ I will communicate with them^-^


Me : Good~ Then my name.. Yuri? Heeri.. That's weird;; Yoona? Heeah..(-┏)
Heefany? More shining than a gemstone TiffaTiffa Tiffany.. Is this right?


Stylist : It should be FanyFany Tiffany..;;


Me : This is difficult.. Heesica? Ice-cold princess!! Ah gaegood ㅋㅋ I should dance to Gee ㅋㅋ


Behind story ends


I really really hate cross-dressing..

That day after cross-dressing, we played a little too crazily, and even got exposed.. Annoying..(-┏)


Heechul's Cyworld Entry 2009.06.04 00:15
In the '天' folder..

Please save this picture ^-^


Sidebar Avatar Update:

Minihompy Title (P.S I think he made a typo?):
빠보 (Idiot)

Credits; 久久@LoveChul, Tachi@OnlySJ13.
Translated by; from Chinese to English.
Please do not add in your own credits!


[INFO] SJM Fan Meet, with Valen Hsu, F.I.R. and Zhang Ri In

First posted at Sohu:
Please take note: Due to the overwhelming response from netizens, and the limited tickets available. To prevent any single person from spamming, and to ensure other netizens have a chance to enter the venue to watch, this thread will be locked for control, and can be unlocked anytime. Please continue watching this thread!

SJ-M, Valen Hsu and F.I.R. will be taking part in a fan meeting session organised by China Mobile. All you have to do is answer the questions in this thread and can win entrance tickets. Please take note of Entertainment Society's ticketing methods. You can also get your tickets through Beijing Mobile Fan Meeting Ticketing page:

Details about the Fan Meet:
Theme: Beijing Mobile 2009 '(We) move because of you*'
Super Junior M, F.I.R., Valen Hsu Fan Meet
Time: 2009 April 30th, 1830hrs
Venue: Beijing University of Science and Technology Gymnasium
Artistes: SJ-M, Valen Hsu, F.I.R.
Guest Artiste: Zhang Ri In (Newcomer from the same company as SJ-M)

1 First choose the question based on the artiste you like, then reply to this thread.
① SJM's question:
List the songs from SJM's album, as well as who is your favourite member, and a picture that captures his charm
② Valen Hsu's question:
Which is your favourite song that Valen Hsu has performed, and tell us your impression of her.
③ F.I.R.'s question:
Who within F.I.R. are a couple? Which are the few representative works for the group?
2 Leave your contacts at the bottom of your reply
3 As the Fan Meet is in Beijing, netizens from other cities please take part with caution.

*play on chinese words

cr: 尐縼子﹏ @
Translated by Euodsie@sj-world
Take out with credits.

[NEWS] Suju Kangin & Kim Byungman become MCs for "기막힌대결"

Gagman Kim Byungman and Super Junior Kangin have become the MCs for KBS's new variety show "게임쇼 기막힌 대결"

Kangin and Kim Byungman along with KBS's announcer Hwang Sookyeong and Han Seokjun have become the 4 MCs of the show for KBS's Spring reorganization. Therefore, it can bring energy to the show.

According to the production team, on the filming day, Kangin has showed people a gorgeous dance and also made a dance contest with Shiwon an Donghae

The show will aired at 10.55AM on April 26th

* "게임쇼 기막힌대결" : it can be literally "Gameshow stunned contest" but since I'm not good at translating title/name so I put the original Korean title and wait for the official translated name from KBS ^^

original article is here
translated by
may take out with full credits but dont add in your own credits

[CY] Shindong's Cyworld Photo Update 2009.04.25

돌+ I (Dong,₃folder)
2009.04.25 04:31


돌+ I (Dong,₃folder)
2009.04.25 04:32


It's You (Dong,₁folder)
2009.04.25 04:35


돌+ I (Dong,½ folder)
2009.04.25 04:57

source; shindong cy
{may take out, but WITH FULL CREDITS}


[VID] Waiting Room + Sorry Sorry + Win K-Chart Award @ KBS2 Music Bank



credits ; cr: secondmugame@daum
reuploaded by:

my comment..

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[CY] Leeteuk's Cyworld Update 2009.04.24

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.24 02:43

..사과머리의 비밀../..Apple Hair’s Secret..

박정수 2009.04.24 02:43

..That ponytail on my head is fake..


..SNSD’s Yoona did the most nicest hairstyle before..I tied my hair the same way..ㅋㅋㅋㅡㅡㅋ


..It can’t be done at my age anymore..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Credits; OnlySJ13 +

[CY] Kyuhyun's Cyworld Update 2009.04.23

Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.23 23:48
In the ‘K。Story’ folder..

개인기…/Individual Skill…

조규현 2009.04.23 23:48

The only thing I know how to do is this………..


It’s not that I don’t wanna do others…………


Please don’t anticipate anything more



Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.23 22:39
In the ‘ㅋㅋㅋㅋ’ folder..

공포의 피뽑기…/Terror of Drawing Blood…

조규현 2009.04.23 22:39

You are all in trouble….ㅋㅋㅋ



Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.23 22:36
In the ‘규’s’ folder..


조규현 2009.04.23 22:36

A little rest…. Happy memories; A blessed moment










Photo by. 최사장 (Choi Sa Jang)



Minihompy Sidebar Avatar update:


Sorry Sorry..

Credits; OnlySJ13 +

[INFO] about new songs in the 3rd album repackage, from Korean copyright association

1. 너라고 (IT'S YOU)
Music composed by E-Tribe
Lyric written by E-tribe
Singer : Super Junior

2.첫번째이야기 (LOVE U MORE)
Music composed by Ryeowook
Lyric written by Sungmin & Ryeowook
Singer : Super Junior

and the released day on above pic is May 7th so I expect that the repackage album will be released on May 7th

original info is here
translated by
may take out with full credits

[NEWS] SJ-M joins Pepsi, tricked by Jolin

SJ-M joins Pepsi, tricked by Jolin

Popular Chinese-Korean group SJ-M will officially be Pepsi's spokesperson on the 28th of this month in which the 7 members will attend a press conference in Hong Kong. Pepsi kept SJ-M's addition top secret. Back in February, the 7 members were also arranged to fly to Thailand to shoot a new set of ads. 50 artiste/celebrity security guards and local police are sent to guard the filming location, but SJ-M's fans are very 神通广大* (resourceful?), the mountain/hill top several kilometers away from the filming location was crowded with fans. Member Henry excitedly said: "This is a larger scale ad compared to the 9 star ad**. The few days filming with Alan Luo, Jolin Tsai, Huang Xiao Ming, and Louis Koo was extremely high! They also teamed up and played tricks on me!"

Credits: Hong Kong Sun Daily Newspaper and bonbon27hk@baidu
Translated by:

* 神通广大 in this context basically implies that SJ-M's fans somehow obtained information that they were filming the Pepsi ad in Thailand and the word got around really quickly as they have lots of fans! I know what this 4 character phrase means, but I can't think of an English word/translation for it. Suggestions anyone?

** I'm actually not sure about this line (今次广告比约旦九星广告更大规模), possibly due to my poor Chinese. 9 star ad? Translations anyone?

整蛊 and 戏弄 both mean "to make fun of", "to play a trick on", or "tease"

Chinese version:



标题: SJM加盟百事被Jolin整蛊

中韩人气组合Super Junior-M (SJ-M)将於本月28日正式成为百事代言人,届时七子会来港出席加盟记者会.




[NEWS] Quizz expedition change, Leeteuk stays MC, Boom and Shinyeon joins in!

KBS new program "Challenge! Golden ladder"

New organisation for KBS new spring program "Challenge! Golden Ladder" which will be aired starting from the 26th at 8.40am.
Road show was aired on sundays too, but at 10.40am.

Especially liked by the housewives, the show is MCed by the friendly comedian Jee SeokJin, super junior member Leeteuk, gag women Kim Shinyeong and the challenger full of energy Boom (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG BOOMTEUK FTW fnejlfhsodjfrigodfij).

After numerous quizz and challenge, the champion will win 5 000 000 won (usd3,709), again like Road show.

So basically they changed the time, name and maybe the challenges, but the whole concept stays the same as Road show ^^

BUT NOW WE HAVE BOOM AND SHINYEONG (co Dj with Dong in ShimShimtapa ^^) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credit Alice @


I*we!* really PROUD of you ^ ^
*even you can't go there, I really proud to oppa's*

SuJu Hwaiiting!!


*saranghae yo oppa <33*

[CY] Heechul's Cyworld Skin Change

cr; heenim's cy


Credits : Newsen + Paran + Goodsports + Octopus

[NEWS] Suju revealed shocking secrets about their personal lifes without hesitation, article about this week's "Intimate note"

On this week's "Intimate note", member Leeteuk will make a parody of "Love fighter", which called "Intimate fighter" and Kangin, Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Heechul will attend to reveal about each other. Eunhyuk said to Heechul "Hyung is a singer ? or a netizen ? The time hyung spend on managing minihompy is much more than singing". Sungmin said to Kangin, who doesnt concentrate on practicing "Hyung should practice like a man on practicing time", and also revealed personal life of Kangin. Then, Kangin and Heechul aslo revealed some shocking secrets bout Sungmin & Eunhyuk. Super Junior's "Intimate scout" will be aired on SBS's "Intimate note" at 10.55pm on April 24th.

original article is here
translated by
may take out with full credits but dont add in your own credits

[INFO] SJM 1st Anniversary Messages

Super Junior M – 1st Anniversary Message Transcript

Hangeng:Hi everyone, we are Super Junior
Everyone: M!

Ryeowook: As Super Junior M, we had activities in China for a year. Initially it was very awkward, the Korean members had many inconveniences when we came to China. Now its already a year, and we’re back in Korea having activities. Returning to China again, there is a feeling of returning home. I really miss China’s food, I especially want to eat Spicy Diced Chicken with Peanuts. I also feel very comfortable.

Kyuhyun: During our China activities, we interacted together with the Chinese fans in China, [I’m] really happy to be able to be with the Chinese fans. In future M might release a 2nd album, and we might have other activities, hope that during that time, we will be able to see more fans. I’m really nervous.

** From this point on, everything is in Chinese**

Hangeng: Recently, we are in Korea preparing Super Junior’s 3rd album, Sorry Sorry, really thankful to everyone for supporting us like this. We are still preparing and recording our second album, as for when it will be released, that’s still a secret at the moment. We will release our 2nd album in China as soon as possible. Super Junior M hopes that everyone will be able to give us your care and support during the 2nd album.

Henry: SJ-M has debuted for almost a year,
Hangeng:It’s already a year.
Henry: Already a year, and I hope we will be able to continue on, and improve, and become better.

Zhoumi: What’s coming soon should be Super Junior M’s 2nd album. After activities for a year, many people knew about us. I hope that when the new album is released, there will be more people supporting us, allowing people that do not know about us to learn about us. Also, that people will be unable to tell that we have Chinese members and Korean members. Hope that in the days to come, we can be a bridge, allowing Koreans to come to like China, and allowing the Chinese to come to like Korea.

Siwon: Without your care, there wouldn’t be us, so we’re really thankful for your care. Hope you will enjoy our 3rd album, Super Junior Sorry Sorry. Thank you.

Donghae: Thank you for your support towards us. Thank you.

Hangeng: Very quickly, Super Junior M has already debuted in China for a year. During this one year, thank you everyone, for walking through the storms with us, for supporting us, for paying attention to us. In the new 2nd album, we will present a new Super Junior M, with better songs for you. Thank you for supporting Super Junior M and our Super Junior 3rd album, Sorry Sorry. We are Super Junior
Everyone: M!

Source: Video from
Translations: --dreamx @

Shindong's Cyworld Update 2009.04.23

donggeuridong, miniminimin

(For♡H folder)

2009.04.23 03:18

why are you sitting on my knees!!!!! chance...ha




2009.04.23 03:19


the wind...blowing...

my fringe gets a parting...ha




2009.04.23 03:20

having (looking) like this ...hahahahaha

still breathing*??

focus on my jawline!! hahaha


don't tackle...ha

*he's saying that he's so goodlooking we stopped breathing



(Dong,½ folder)

2009.04.23 03:22

such expression to me??hahahaha



(be nothing to... folder)

2009.04.23 03:27

eumhahahaa i made this!!!!!!


source; shindong cy
translated by; carolyn @

Leeteuk's Cyworld Update 2009.04.23


..looks like I can educate a child well in the future..
..can I raise him well? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
..child~~~come here^^...come to daddy..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ



..actually, here's the main point for this ~SORRY SORRY~ performance's costume.. can't see any seams..ㅋㅋㅋ
..if you look closely at the clothing, it's actually a very very dense mesh..ㅋㅋㅋ's hard to see from a little farther away..ㅋㅋ
..there's a scar from the car accident on my back..ㅋㅋㅡㅡㅋㅋI can only cover it up..ㅋㅋㅋ
..anyways, when I see the scar, I feel the need to iron it flat..ㅋㅋㅋ

source: jungsoo's cyworld, SJ Baidu bar, ωǒ禃僖歡袮@baidu
translated from Chinese to English by:

Suju Leeteuk's shocking speaking "HeeChul and Eunhyuk are awkward with each other too"

"HeeChul and Eunhyuk are awkward with each other too"

On last week SBS's "Intimate note", the awkwardness between KangIn & Sungmin has become the topic, this week Heechul and Eunhyuk's awkwardness will attract a lot of attention.

Following the information was given out by member Leeteuk, the production team have set up a hidden camera to film Kangin & Sungmin but in the end, it turned out that HeeChul and Eunhyuk are awkward with each other too.

On that day, the other members have revealed the awkwardness between the two. Eunhyuk ate only one spoon of HeeChul's kimchi fried-rice but it was the only fried-egg on top of the fried-rice. Therefore, HeeChul had got angry with him.

Also, Eunhyuk said to the manager when Heechul wore his unique outfit "HeeChul hyung cant wear like this. It's not suitable for the choreography", hence Heechul had to change his outfit.Therefore, they became awkward with each other.

The episode will be aired at 10.55pm on April 24th

original article is here
translated by
may take out with full credits but dont add in your own credits

Suju Heechul & Kangin wear skirts and dance to "Sorry sorry"

"We're not girls, we're Super Junior"

Idol group Super Junior have transformed into girls and show their dazzling beauty on SBS's Friday entertainment show "Intimate note"

On 's corner "Intimate diary", Super Junior's Kangin, Sungmin, Heechul, Eunhyuk have attended "Miss Intimate contest" and the production team had decided to put skirts on them.

Although it is somewhat awkward to follow the production's opinion but the 4 guys were quite positive in the whole preparing period, they said "Is there any shorter skirt ?" and "Please put on more make-up".

Especially, all the male satffs at the filming spot were very amazed when 4 people showed their cross-dressing.

Everybody has burst out laughing when seeing 4 guys cross-dressing and danced to SNSD's "Gee" and "Sorry sorry", the episode will be aired on April 24th's evening.

original article is here
translated by
may take out with full credits but dont add in your own credits


Siwon's Korean Fancafe

Siwon’s Korean Fancafe Entry

April is almost over ^^
[have you] gone to admire the flowers? This year, the Spring Rain is a little late, it’ll be good if the Cherry Blossoms could last longer!
During this time’s Sorry Sorry activities, I’m very thankful to everyone^^ really
[I] will diligently carry everyone’s strength [while] starting future activities ^-^
[To the] Always very thankful and apologetic The Siwonest*!
Is the best!
Now I really will come often -_ㅠkekeke
Because some people have been criticizing [me] everyday.. -0-

* The Siwonest: if i'm not wrong, this refers to his fanclub members

Source: Siwon’s Korean Fancafe
Translations: (Korean to Chinese), --dreamx @ (Chinese to English)


Shingdong's Cyworld Photo Update

2009.04.21 19:31

magazine cover....

kyu discovery!!

3seconds kyu*~haha

* what he's trying to say is Kyuhyun looks like that lady (Sophie Marceau)

source; shindong cy
translated by; carolyn @

Super Junior collaborate with Gee's composer, Article about the following song

Begin from the end of April, Super Junior will promote their 2nd song, which is composed by E-Tribe (the one who composed SNSD's Gee and Lee Hyori's U-Go-Girl). The title of the song hasnt been decided yet.

This will be a rhythmical trendy song. The making use of the synthesizer and midi will increase the song's cheerfulness and its electronic beat will make the atmosphere "up". Super Junior said "This E-Tribe's song will be a polished hook song so we hope all the fans will like it" and "This song is not like the previous E-Tribe's lively songs for female singer", "We expected that this song will has strong impact like "

The song will be in the 3rd album repackage which is planned to be released in May

original article is here
translated by
may take out with full credits but dont add in your own credits

Yesung will attend MBC's "Introduce Star's friend"

# Yesung = An idol member who fell down from the universe

Super Junior Yesung's unique character is coming into the spotlight now. On the MBC's "Come to play" which was aired on April 13th, all the members had a debate about their different hobbies. On that day, the members revealed that Yesung had a hobby of touching the other members' philtrum. MC Yoo Jaeseok and Kim Wonhee were even surprised when the other members imitated Yesung's hobby of coming to their rooms every night to touch their philtrum. Then, even in that light atmosphere, Yesung still showed a serious expression which made the viewers burst out laughing, hence showed a suitable character for variety shows. Therefore, Yesung will attend MBC's "Introduce Star's friend" on April 25th.

original article is here
translated by
may take out with full credits but dont add in your own credits


Leeteuk's Cyworld Update 2009.04.20


..People who wants to be squeezed between eyebrows..kk
..I'm taking reservations...k


title:..king.. girlfriend~~~is very pretty.. girlfriend~~~is ELF!! ㅡㅡ..k
..Super Junior Happy..memory of having done lots of activities..^^
..even at the volleyball stadium..kk


title: ..ooh??!!!..!!!! ooh???!!!1...
..why am I like that..kkkkkkk say, why like this?...doing it..

credits: Teukie's CY, Baidu, 丁丁@O~BLUE妖精原创天堂
translated from Chinese to English by:

Zhoumi UFO replies, Zhoumi's Birthday!

090419 Zhoumi's UFO Replies

[Xiao Jiu] Zhoumi ge, it’s your birthday. I’m giving you a picture of me to wish you Happy Birthday! O(∩_∩)O haha~! Prepare well for the 2nd album [while you’re] in Korea. We’re awaiting your return with the 2nd album and a surprise! Fighting! Xiao Jiu
[Zhoumi] Xiao Jiu, thank you! Wait for us! At that time, I’ll find your light board.. Hehe

[Xiao Jiu] Zhoumi ge, you’re still here? I finally received your reply. Talking about this, I’m about to go a get a huge light board done. I’m afraid you can’t see it. If its bigger, its easier to find it. Happy Birthday again! I’m going to McDonalds for training in the afternoon, help give me some encouragement.
[Zhoumi] Fighting fighting!!! Definitely fighting!!! Hehe

Fan: Zhoumi ge, have you received my [birthday] wishes? I love you!
Zhoumi: hehe~ thank you for your wishes… There’s a lot, today I received many [birthday] wishes… really happy! I’ll be able to see you in Hong Kong this month :)

[Juan Zi] Zhoumi~ Happy Birthday~ You allowed me to get to know more Honeys, they’re very nice~ They days spent with them are very joyful>< Be happy today~ Birthday boy! Take care of yourself when you’re in Korea~ by Juan Zi
[Zhoumi] Juan Zi, thank you! Its all of you who let me know that wherever I am, I am not alone!

(Fan’s message not included, but she said that she messaged Zhoumi to wish him Happy Birthday)
Zhoumi: I’m old….. Ke~

Fan: Zhoumi ge Happy Birthday. Ha, Guan Guan will love you forever. You must take care of your health, Fighting ge.
Zhoumi: Koala family’s di yi guan Tang, thank you!!! I will take care of my health :)

(Fan’s message not included)
Zhoumi: Thank you, thank you :) I’m happy its my birthday…. The never ending birthday wishes, I wanted to convey these feelings to everyone that sent me birthday wishes… Keke

[Looking for Mimi (Xun xun yi mimi)] Zhoumi ge Happy Birthday~ I waited the entire night at the Baidu ba, then came here to say goodbye to you, really tired~ Really sad you’re flying to a foreign country on your birthday, take care of yourself~ Your happiness is my greatest reassurance.
[Zhoumi] hehe~ Thank you, Xun Xun Yi mimi, its still okay! Although I’m back in Korea, but I still received many of your birthday wishes!

Fan: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Zhoumi! Happy Birthday to you! Koala ge! I’m Song! I’m a String! Happy 24th birthday! You’re one year older! Keke
Zhoumi: Sweets jar^^…. Wa~ How much Honey is inside? Keke thank you for your birthday wishes! Don’t talk about it, I know I’m one year older!!!

Fan: Mimi Happy Birthday… My card is spoilt, I couldn’t UFO you all this while. I miss you… But I used this period of time to prepare a super invincible birthday present for you ^^ Hope we can meet soon – Kou Zhao Meimei
Zhoumi: Kou Zhao Meimei, keke~ I’m awaiting your super invincible birthday present… I must have my birthday present!! Hehehehe

Fan: Zhoumi ge, Happy Birthday~ Hope you’re happy everyday~ M’s 2nd album is coming out soon, looking forward to it~ Hurry and persuade the other 6 members, and come together to Guangzhou for a fanmeeting! Keke~ Its already very late~ Sleep early~
Zhoumi: Keke~~ Want to treat this as a birthday wish? Hehe~

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Kangin & Yoonji will leave WGM on May 3rd

Basically, the article said that Kangin & Yoonji and the other 3 couples will leave WGM on May 3rd because of the low rating of the show. They will begin to promote 2 new couples on the episode on April 27th, a person in charge said that besides promoting 2 new couples, they also will change the concept and the format of WGM

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Super Junior Eunhyuk "I want to sing Bang ShiHyuk's unreleased song"

Super Junior has revealed that they want to sing Composer Bang Shihyuk's unreleased song "30 minutes ago".

Super Junior Eunhyuk has directly asked Bang Shihyuk when he was the guest on the radio show "Super Junior's Kiss the radio season 2" on April 19th.

"30 minutes ago" is the last song in the Bang Shihyuk's 3-song series about parting after Baek Jiyoung's "Like being hit by a bullet" and 8ight's "Without a heart". "Like being hit by a bullet" is about parting's moment, "Without a heart" is about after parting and "30 minutes ago" is the story about right before parting.

Eunhyuk and Leeteuk said they wanted to hear the song so Bang Shihyuk had willingly sung the song's chorus part. Eunhyuk liked the song so much so he asked Bang Shihyuk to let him sing the song if no-one hasnt owned it yet.

After the radio broadcast ended, Bang Shihyuk said "I feel honored if Super Junior could sing it"

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Sorry Sorry Malaysian Version, After the mass petition, it's finally here!!

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Suju Energy Song Daum Search

#5 Super Junior Energy Song

Clueless bout it? Go : here

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Sungmin's new cy skin 2009.04.19

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Yesung's cyworld 2 photo entries 1009.04.19



Our members..^^

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Super Junior S C H E D U L E

〃2 0 0 9 S J S C H E D U L E〃
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April 13, 2009
AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung's Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
PM 04:00 MBC PoPoPo Ai Joa [SHINDONG]
PM 08:00 MBC FM4U Kangin and Taeyeon's Chinhan Chingu [DJ KANGIN]
PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior's Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK,EUNHYUK] {BORA}
PM 11:05 MBC TV Yoo Jaesuk's and Kim Wonhee's Come To Play [SUPER JUNIOR] RECORDED ON 3/25
XM --:-- Kim Eunjung's Chocolate [SUPER JUNIOR] RECORDING

April 14, 2009
AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung's Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
PM 04:00 MBC PoPoPo Ai Joa [SHINDONG]
PM 08:00 MBC FM4U Kangin and Taeyeon's Chinhan Chingu [DJ KANGIN]
PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior's Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK,EUNHYUK]

April 15, 2009
AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung's Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
AM 09:40 Departure: to China [SUPER JUNIOR M]
AM 10:30 KBS Road show Quiz expedition [MC LEETEUK] RECORDING
PM 12:00 SBS Power Radio FM Choi Hwajung's Power Time [SUPER JUNIOR]
PM 04:00 MBC PoPoPo Ai Joa [SHINDONG]
PM 07:00 Charity Concert in Changchun Nanling Stadium (China) [SUPER JUNIOR M] TRACKLIST:《迷(Me)》《至少还有你 (Zhi Shao Hai You Ni)》《爱(Love)》
PM 08:00 MBC FM4U Kangin and Taeyeon's Chinhan Chingu [DJ KANGIN]
PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior's Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK,EUNHYUK] {BORA}

April 16, 2009
AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung's Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG] {BORA}
PM 12:00 Departure: to Korea [SUPER JUNIOR M]
PM 12:00 SBS Power Radio FM Choi Hwajung's Power Time [SUPER JUNIOR]
PM 04:00 MBC PoPoPo Ai Joa [SHINDONG]
PM 08:00 MBC FM4U Kangin and Taeyeon's Chinhan Chingu [DJ KANGIN]
PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior's Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK,EUNHYUK] {BORA}

April 17, 2009
AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung's Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
PM 12:00 SBS Power Radio FM Choi Hwajung's Power Time [SUPER JUNIOR]
PM 06:35KBS Music Bank [SUPER JUNIOR]
PM 07:15 KBS Yeollim Eumak Hwe [DJ KANGIN] RECORDING
PM 08:00 MBC FM4U Kangin and Taeyeon's Chinhan Chingu [DJ KANGIN]
PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior's Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK,EUNHYUK] {BORA}
PM 11:05 MBC every-1 Infinity Girls [SHINDONG, SUNGMIN, EUNHYUK]
XM --:-- ELLEgirl May issue Release [SUPER JUNIOR]

April 18, 2009
AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung's Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG with YESUNG, SUNGMIN]
PM 04:15 MBC Music Core [SUPER JUNIOR] K.Will <눈물이 뚝뚝> Ryeowook on the Piano
PM 06:25 SBS Star King [?]
PM 08:00 MBC FM4U Kangin and Taeyeon's Chinhan Chingu [DJ KANGIN]
PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior's Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK,EUNHYUK]
PM 11:00 MBC Drama Drama [KANGIN]

April 19, 2009 Zhou Mi's Birthday
AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Kim Shinyoung's Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG, SUNGMIN]
AM 10:45 SBS Quiz! Sixth Sense [SHINDONG] TENTATIVE
AM 10:45 KBS Road Show! Quiz Expedition [MC LEETEUK]
PM 04:00 SBS Inkigayo [SUPER JUNIOR] SUPER JUNIOR K.R.Y. [마주치지말자 (Let's not...)]
PM 06:10 MBC We Got Married [KANGIN]
PM 08:00 MBC FM4U Kangin and Taeyeon's Chinhan Chingu [DJ KANGIN] LAST DAY
PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior's Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK,EUNHYUK]

Gwangju Youth Musical

Regarding the Public performance at Gwangju Metropolitan City, 2009 Kwangju Youth Musical Festival at this coming Saturday, 30th May 2009, SHINee and Super Junior will participate the event there.

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Heechuls' Cyworld Update 2009.04.17


2009.04.17 01:01 [in the 澈 folder]

Hello, this is MithKim



2009.04.17 01:07 [in the 上 folder]

My hair is short so it's not styled

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* Knowing Heenim's sense of humor, he might have meant "Hello, this is Miss Kim" as well since 미쓰 sounded like miss... ㅡㅡ^ Or just playing around with Mithra Jin's name ㅋㅋㅋ

... Let's Dance !! ...