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[NEWS] Super Junior M Joins Other Stars Onstage In A "Water War"

Super Junior M Joins Other Stars Onstage In A "Water War"

The source only provided this picture.

A few days ago, Zhi-Xiang Luo, Louis Koo, Lee Jun Huang Xiaoming and others appeared together in Beijing for Pepsi's Asian entertainment based star brand endorsement which recently welcomed a new member --- Super Junior M (herinafter referred to as SJM) which has a combination of popular South Korean members and Chinese members.

In the hot Beijing weather, the stars engaged in water gun battles on stage with many crazy fans watching. The stars were at a conference together and the organizers decided to arrange a "water war" to ease the summer heat under the hot sun. As the director was saying something with SJM, a couple of the stars grabbed water guns and doused the 7 dashing guys with water. Unable to stop once it has started, the "water battle" continued as SJM returned several counterattacks. Many excited fans were also at the scene. Afterwards, the stars went on to recieve the media.

Source: Sina Entertainment

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