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[CY] Heechul's cyworld 1 Photo entry 2009.10.30

Title: Young Duk Kim
2009.10.30 at 00.41 AM

Already been friends for 8 years Young Duk Kim
Also known as Jay Kim

Before I came to Seoul
Young Duk Kim, Yunho, Donghae
They had been living like the Three Little Pigs

But ever since a wolf came from Kangwon the whole dorm became strange

To the B-type Youngduk Kim, a friend to go to the arcade with arrived
AA-type Donghae looked at me with admiration
AAA-type Yunho burnt the leather jacket because of Donghae and me

Young Duk Kim and I went back and forth to the arcade just to play Starcraft
Donghae kept listening to 'N Sync' music all day long
Yunho bought the video of 'My Sassy Girl' and had it playing all the time and then slept ㅡㅡㆀ

The TV set in the dorm now is the TV from back then. It's an over 10 year old treasure
TV-nim and Remote-Control-nim don't function properly anymore when changing channels
Especially (my) favourite 'ongamenet' can't be watched either
While watching 'I Love You Ten Million Times', my face appears with lines over it
During music broadcasts, it's not MR that was removed instead voice was removed

The company says

Company: Let's get a 50 inch TV;; lately everything is in HD;;

Me: No no I don't want all genuine luxuries~ wedon't really watch it anyway don't buy it

Company: but still it's good to have one;; why don't you want it when we'd even be buying it for you ;;

Me: Don't wanna rely on foolish box-like stuff!! I like analog!!

Company: ??

Me: TV, MP3, DVD etc digital cultures are destroying us!!

Company: Then what about computers..

Me: Don't compare computers with those stuff!!

Company: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Me: The computers is my friend. Life. Living and breathing. Nature..

Company: Stop(-┏)

But what did we talk about to come to thisㅡㅡ^

Original Source. 김희철 미니홈피
Translated by. viragis at SJ-WORLD.NET

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