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[INFO] Exclusive Interview with SJM: Only give themselves 50 marks, Second album to be released in the second half of the year

HG; It’s been a long time since we’ve said ‘hello’ to the Chinese fans, everyone’s Mandarin has gotten a lot better now (passes to Ryeowook, & everyone takes their turn to say hello in Mandarin)

Q; It’s been a while since you had activities in China, firstly, congratulations to SJ’s third album having such success in Korea, does SJM also have any new movements?
HG; Lately we’ve been in Korea doing activities, promoting our third album . Up till now we’ve received great success, so we wanna thank all the staff in the company for their hard work, & our managers. As for us, SJM, we’ve also been recording new songs during this time of activities, SJM’s new second album should be released in the second half of the year.

Q; In our special topis for SJ there’s a poll. Do you guys know which three songs in SJM’s first album are the most popular so far?
ZM; I’ll just guess. Because it’s been a year since first album activities, , & , also , I’ll first guess & (correct answer; & , the guess is pretty accurate!)

Q; Approximately which month will SJM’s second album be released? Will there be any major changes in image or genre? This time will there also be a Chinese version of SJ’s three album songs? Will there be a Chinese translation of the songs?
KH; This time the new album will be similar to SJM’s first album, all songs will be sung in Chinese. We’ve already started on the production of this album, so although we still aren’t sure of when it’ll be released, but (I) believe that it’ll be an excellent work of art, just like the first album. Lately we’ve been diligently learning how to compose songs, (I) believe this time this album will definitely contain really great songs to listen to.

Q; Last year on the 8th of April SJM officially announced their debut on Sohu, at that time you guys wanted to become the best group in China, this year we’ve definitely seen your success & sincerity. If “Being the Best Group” was a hundred marks, what do mark do you think you guys have achieved? What areas do you regret? Or, retrospectively what matter do you think you could have actually done better at?
SW; (I) can’t really give a mark, we’re very moved seeing the support that everyone has showered on SJM in the past year. So this entire year we’ll continue to work hard at our activities, everyone, please continue to follow us.
KH; Right now, I feel like it should be about 50 marks, though I don’t know when must we wait till to achieve 100 marks, but we’ll continue to work hard till that day arrives.

Q; Last year, due to frequent activities in China, SJM garnered a lot of popularity, & also received the affirmation of a few music awards, then this year what is the new goal you wanna achieve?
DH; Last year we received quite a few awards, leaving us deeply surprised, this year we’ll work even harder, to hopefully be able to take part in music awards like last year. So everyone, please continue to support us like you have been before.

Q; It’s been a year since you debuted, (we) believe that you must understand the Chinese music environment, comparing SJM with other Chinese male groups, what do you think is the thing that makes you superior & special?
HG; I believe that each group has their own specialities, & that we should learn from each other, compete with each other, only then will there be better groups, only then can we ascend step by step in the Chinese music environment, so this is a stage where we learn from each other. Our specialities, mainly it still has to be that we have foreign members, English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Thai – Sawadeeka, I also know a little (laughs) From every singer in China, (we’ll) learn a little.

Seven things circulating in the rumour mill
During the time that SJM left the Chinese audience’s line of sight, there are seven rumours that we wanna them to clear up personally.

Rumour #1: Zhou Mi. On the 19th of April, Zhou Mi had his 23rd birthday, you left a message for fans saying, “every single one of your subtle gestures will bring me courage & belief”. Was there such a matter that happened? Specifically talk about the gestures that fans do that move you?
ZM; I’m trapped (laughs) The thing that moves me the most is when fans leave me messages online, I’ve debuted for a year now, & I clearly remember a year ago when Sohu interviewed (us), that scene. I can’t specifically pinpoint the details, but the applause & looks they gave, it’s all in my memories, that’s the support & approval they gave me. If it weren’t for their little gestures, then I won’t be standing here in front of everyone with such confidence & courage.

Rumour #2: Henry. During this time that you mysteriously disappeared from China, what have you been doing?
HR; I’ve been in Korea – sleeping (laughs) After our SJM activities ended, the bulk of my time was spent in Korea. Most of it was spent practicing, practicing dance, I also went to school everyday, studying Mandarin in Korea. Everyday I would attend something like a hagwon/tuition class.
HG; Didn’t you also go back to Canada.
HR; Ah, yes yes yes, I went back to Canada, saw my family. That’s about it.
HG; Henry said that it had been a long time since he saw his family, so he went back for a onth to visit his relatives, be together with his family, spend more time with them.

Rumor #3: Shiwon. There’s a Japan-Korea film that’s adapted from a Japanese manga , & it’s already been confirmed that Shiwon will take on the starring role?
SW; No it hasn’t been confirmed that I’ll be the lead, now we’re only in the discussing stages. Other than , there are other productions that (I’m) considering to appear in, (I) believe it won’t be too long till Actor Shiwon will appear to meet everyone.

Rumour #4: Hangeng. There’s plans to appear in the third season of ?
HG; Actually, I only understood this piece of news from the web, if the company has confirmed it I'm sure that they'll tell me. Now we're still doing Super Junior activities, if there's something like this, the company will tell me. I personally hope to be able to take part in some dramas.

Q; Before, there was a loud shout about being a part of F4 for , in the end why did you not take part?
HG; I heard of this too. But when they were selecting actors for , it was during the recording of SJ's third album, & in actual fact it had been a year since I've been with the SJ members, working together, being on stage together, so I felt that the third album was very important. So in the end it was most important (for me), to be with the members.

Rumour #5: Kyuhyun. Recently SJ has appeared on many programs, & Kyuhyun has repeatedly showed his unusually great vocal abilities, & in Yoo Youngsuk's 20th anniversary album you're singing your version of the song , can you sing a little part live for us now.
KH; In our album there's a song titled that was composed for us by Yoo Youngsuk sunbae, through that opportunity to meet with Yoo Youngsuk sunbae, later taking part in the recording of Yoo Youngsuk sunbae's new album. As for singing, Yoo Youngsuk sunbae told me, wherever I get interviewed to only sing a portion of the song, so I'll just sing that portion. The rest, I'll sing for everyone next time.

Ryeowook. During SJ's third album activities we've uncovered, a new cook born, & that is Ryeowook. A few days ago when we were interviewing Ryeowook, you said that you missed China's buns, why is this so?
RW; I'm one that when I go back to Korea I miss China, when I'm in China I miss Korea, & also China's buns are really very delicious. Other people in the group, their singing abilities have improved a lot, but for me it seems like only my cooking skills have improved. Hopefully there'll be a chance to let the fans try the Chinese food that I've cooked myself.

Rumour #7: Donghae. Your Korean minihompy's name is "Kim Hyangsuk" (this is a girl's name), why?
DH; (in Mandarin) That's my mother's name~ Because (how do you say, asks Hangeng)
HG; You should just use Korean.
DH; It's just that I wanna my make use of my Mandarin.
DH; Last time, I used my name for my minihompy, but that minihompy's password was stolen by a hacker, so I had to resort to borrowing my mum's page, to communicate with fans. Hope everyone will come to my cyworld (the last sentence was spoken in Mandarin)

About Performances

Q; Today (you) performed at the University of Science & Technology Beijing, what's the difference betweem performing in school grounds & normal performances? Is it more nerve-wrecking facing the students? To target the university students will there be any special preparations?
HG; Actually, for SJM this is our first time performing in a university, on entering the school it felt very familar, (I) remembered the times when (I) was studying in Minzu University of China. When we were i the car Zhoumi said, it's fun to go to school. So it's very initimate, being with these university students, to have face to face contact, it brings back a lot of past memories.

Q; Lastly, say something to the netizens.
HG;Sohu netizens, thank you everyone for the support you've showed to SJM, this year so far you've been with SJM, I hope that our next album will give everyone a nice surprise, wishing everyone good health, continue to support us, we'll continue to work hard. We're SJM!


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