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[CY] Heechul's Cyworld Update 2009.05.13

[Heechul's Cyworld Entry 2009.05.13 17:41]
In the '上' folder..

(내조)* Wife's Sorry Sorry

Wife's 너라고 (It's you)

Wife's Queen Bee

Wife's 토사구땡**

The jjajangmyeon which Wife's Chief Han was eating looked really delicious, I, who ordered more to eat

Resulting in Wife's Woon Dal Su video call to '동그리동동 donggeuridongdong (Shindong)'

Wife's Yoona's 'Whirlwind Revolving Slap' shocking skill

Heebum in Wife's is older, it has the 파트라슈 (Patrasche) 's feeling of 태봉이 (Taebongie/Big Peak)

Wife's Ji Hwa Ja

Wife's 4 seconds of aesthetics

Wife's Gaegood

Wife's "To you, I am not rendering help, even my misfortune.."

I don't even know where Wife's club is, but there are rumours of seeing my 태봉이 (Taebongie)

Wife's comeback

Wife's Petals

Wife's Bibim Cold Noodles

Wife's Chinese cabbage Taoist, Martial Arts Taoist (배추도사 무도사)

Wife's 은비까비 (EunbiKkaBi)

Wife's 'Saturday Mystery' and '(Walking) Into the Story'

Wife's "Not wanting to love, because parting is inevitable"

Wife's Teacher Lee Cho In

Wife's Oh Kang Ho, this dog-brained fella has changed a lot

I heard it's Wife's joke, but those who heard it treated it seriously, don't know don't know-ing


N.B *내조 was a little hard to translate, but I checked Naver and it says "내조(內助) the wife´s help(assistance, aid)".. So it's something along those lines ^^The "Wife's are referring to the short form of the drama, 내조의여왕 (Wife Queen).
**If I'm not wrong, it's like an idiom, meaning to eliminate your trusted aids when they have outlived their usefulness.

Basically, I don't really have much idea of what Heechul is saying but from what I gathered, here's some background info to the lingo he uses..

Translator's notes..
This entry is about the MBC drama 내조의여왕 (Wife Queen) .. Sorry if they're not in order.. +_+

  • Patrasche is a dog in the 1992 Japanese anime, "A Dog of Flanders"
  • 태봉이 is the name of a dog in the drama
  • Chief Han, Woon Dal Su and Ji Hwa Ja are characters in the drama
  • "Whirlwind Revolving Slap": Yoona's slapping skill in 'Cinderella Man'
  • "4 seconds of aesthetics" referring to Heenim's 4 seconds worth of lines in Sorry, Sorry, in which he labeled them as such in 'Happy Together'
  • The line of "To you, I am not rendering help, even my misfortune.." is lyrics from r.ef's 찬란한 사랑 (ChanRanHan SaRang)
  • 배추도사 무도사 is a character in 은비까비 (EunbiKkabi)
  • 은비까비 (EunbiKkabi) is an animation by KBS
  • 'Saturday Mystery' is a show about mysterious stuff and '이야기속으로 (Walking Into the Story)' is a documentary
  • The line of "Not wanting to love, because parting is inevitable" is lyrics from F.T Island's Don't Love
  • Teacher Lee Cho In is a character from another drama, but I'm not sure which one
Credits; OnlyHeechul, LoveChul, OnlySJ13
Please do not add in your own credits!

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