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[tists/CY] Other Artists >Yang Dongsun 2009.10.25

Yang Dongson's Diary
Written on 2009.10.25 at 14:41

Somehow today feels refreshing so-

Wish good luck to Hyunwoo, who's catching new hearts! A little troubled Youngwoonie too fighting! My friend Jonghyuk fighting!
Hyunglae, Gugyo, Eontae, Seungjo fighting-
Aunt Joorae get better, Sungho hyung you have to do well too! Uncle Youngjun fighting!
Dongsunie's dear family members too fighting!
Sungminie, Donghae, Ryeowookie, Heechulie hyung, Donghee OF Super Junior fighting too!
Woojae, Jihwan OF Typhoon I miss you tooT^T
Faster than any other man, Ockchulie hyung OF Outsider!
Enthusiastic Sooyoungie, Seohyun, Sunny OF sonyeoshidae too fighting from the army!
They aren't my fans but I love E.L.F. too^^)/

I feel good, everybody fighting!! feels like I put on some weight--^

Mmh..looking at the looks like the special thanks to in an album;;

There are many people to include but my mood is just so UP!

The soldier has yet another year and 2 months to go, but it will be soon!

Original Source. 양동선 미니홈피
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET

This is a picture of Yang Dongsun with Sungmin and Ryeowook on Chunji's Anniversary (June 2008)

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