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[CY] Heechul's cyworld 2 photo entry 2009.06.11

2009.06.11 20:43 [in the 天 folder]

To me, these few points are impossible..

In future when I go on broadcast, I won't speak a word
Feed Heebum on time and hug him with love
My smirk will be warmheartedly shown to everyone
Not teaching Hankyungie korean (especially vulgarities;;)
Do double-eyelid surgery
Not dancing to female singer's dances
Stop playing games
Going to church with Siwonie

........Start exercising from now on (-┏)
Now, if I look into the mirror, I am reminded of the Full Moon Bread which is my favourite snack during middle school
Following my zodiac.. Am I going to become a pig..

A few days ago when I went to Thailand..

Me: I'm exercising

Kyung & Donghae & Sungmin : (⊙_⊙)

....................................It's really like this (-┏)
I shall become muscle man like Siwonie....


2009.06.11 21:02 [in the 上 folder]


*Even though I'm a bit psychotic, I'm still charming when you see me

**Mo Hyung: Heechul ah~ Then what should be the name of the group?

Me: Yea? Ah.. Oh.. Hmm.. It'll be Chocoball!!

Because it was done in a hurry.. There are much feeling of it being hastily put together

Even though the big movie star Kim Jung Eun who was together with us, thinks that it is interesting and wants to join
Super movie star Kim Jung Eun is of blood type O and thus me being the leader rejected her so cool-ly
(Nuna, I'm writing about you in such a super awesome manner)

We were brought together by our bloodtype

Lineage (血盟)***
(But under the influence of Lineage. Guild and Legion aren't my style..)

Blood flower (血花), through the influence of Sunflower, only looks at the sun for all of its life


Principle (信條) of Chocoboy is that one doesnt care if another dies when 2 of them are eating

So Cool

21st century's best cult is emerging your way!!

* In korean, when the first word of the bold words are put together, it forms 'Chocoball'.
** Mo Hyung - Singer Jo Sung Mo.
*** Lineage is the game he mentioned in a recent cy entry, and its krn/hanja name means blood relation.
**** It's actually Haebaragi which means Sunflower, but he changed the 'Hae' to 'Hee'

Source: Heenim's Cy
Translated by: Cinderella & carolyn @

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  1. Heechul you dont need to loose weight u are really thin, I think you look really handsom right now. Dont change into superman....:) sarangheyo


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