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[UFO] Replies from Zhoumi ♥ 2009.06.09

09059 Zhoumi UFO Replies

考拉家di一罐Tang: Zhoumi ge ah, you've been on UFO these few days. My University entrance exams are next year, cheer me on too!! Zhoumi fighting! Awaiting the 2nd album!
Zhoumi: Yeah, thought of giving the exam candidates encouragment, now university entrance exams are over :)

159-xxxx-3736: Zhoumi ge, i made a pretty wind chime for you, but I don't know how to give it to you~ So I hung it up myself~ Ge won't blame me right~ end of term exams are coming, can ge cheer me on?!^^
Zhoumi: i won't, seeing your message is like receiving the wind chime you made for me, thank you! Exams, fighting!

大牙の豆豆:Zhou Mimi, Zhou Mimi, Zhou Mimi, Zhou Mimi, I took the university entrance exams 2 years ago, you can encourage me too -_-ㆀ
Zhoumi: This... 2 years ago... hehe I took part in the university entrance exams 4 years ago, let us encourage each other, haha~

jin生星愿: Zhoumi gege, SJ-M's debuted for almost a year, I will protect you guys forever! 16 June is my mid term exam, I really anticipate you and Hangeng gege's encouragement, I will always await your replies
Zhoumi: Work hard for your exams on 16 June!!!! Don't get distracted at this critical point :)

VivaのD: Hardworking Zhoumi gege, comfort me who is throwing up blood and unable to sleep after the exams...... in the process of losing blood.....
Zhoumi: VivaのD, are you still in the nervous mood of exams, relax a little!

娟 juan★sj: Zhoumi ge, lately i don't know what happened, i always can't rest well, in the day when i'm working I want to sleep. Because of this my boss scolded me, really sad, one reply from you will be able to help me perk up ^ε^
Zhoumi: 娟 juan★sj, i'll pour a cup of coffee to perk you up :) hehe fighting!

一小: Zhoumi ge ah, last night i was giggling to the phone, laughed until i cried, was really excited, ha. Ge will get tired right, not resting all these nights, we don't want to become ge's burden, ge must take care of your health. 一小
Zhoumi: 一小, how can you guys be my burden, i always feel you all are my happiness hehe, a little mushy, but its the truth :)

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