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[UFO] Zhoumi UFO replies ♥ 2009.06.08

090608 Zhoumi UFOs

NOTE: 哥(ge) = a chinese term for older brother

rainky泳儿: Zhoumi gege! Tomorrow is my university entrance exam! Now i'm nervous and anxious! I'm afraid I can't sleep tonight! Hope I can dream of gege cheering me on! I will work hard! Gege is my motivation!
周觅: rainky泳儿, how was yesterday's exam? Today, pull yourself together and continue to work hard!!

純粹の狐狸: Discovered that in the group, the most hardworking in replying is Zhoumi ge~~ Why don't the rest of them reply?!!
周觅: Not really.. Maybe everyone is busy.. These few days there are university entrance exams, i thought of cheering everyone on, so i come by everyday~

舒弥亚: Zhoumi ge~ Today is the day i enter the university exam battlefield, in my heart my nervousness feels different~ But 2 days later i can be free! When the time comes, if I have a chance I will crawl to see you~ hehe~ by.陌儿.
周觅: How did the first day feel like? Tomorrow, continue to pull yourself together!! Fighting!! I'll be here awaiting your good news!

150-xxxx-2649: Zhoumi ge, today is the first day of university entrance exams, tomorrow at this time, i'll be sitting in the examination hall, i'm already very nervous now~ Give me some encouragement, i'm going to bury myself in my pile of books again~ 2nd album fighting~
周觅: Yes, this year you have to work hard preparing for the exam!!! Tomorrow at this time, I will send you a message again for encouragement!

小川: +Zhoumi ge, this morning i took my language exam, maths in the afternoon, i can't do it... I'm going crazy soon! I can only depend on tomorrow's integrated text and and foreign languages! But i have always failed my foreign languages! Ge, what should i do? (小川
周觅: 小川, don't give up, there is still 1 day to tomorrow! Persevere, don't think too much about anything else, steady your emotions and prepare for tomorrow's exam! Fighting!!!!

MostWanted: Just finished my exam, it feels okay.. One more day to go. haha. geges, bless me, especially Zhoumi ge,seems like among the 7 members, you are the most seasoned with China's natural conditions ..... hehe...
周觅: The feeling of the first day of exams is good right?, continue to work hard tomorrow!! Hope my encouragement is of some help to you!!! Fighting!!

134-xxxx-7123 : Zhoumi gege, although i'm not taking the exam, but i'm still quite nervous~ Next year it will be my turn...
周觅: The past 2 days I have always been coming on UFO, to reply messages to those taking th exams, hoping to encourage them!!! You have to work hard too!!!
Super Junior-M (134-xxxx-7123)

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