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[NEWS] Kyuhyun & Yoo Youngsuk: Showcase

Super Junior's group member Kyuhyun performed on stage for the first time as a solo artist, and not as a Super Junior member, showing off his impressive skills.

On June 16, at 8 PM, in Seoul's Hongdae Live Hall ㅡ Yoo Youngsuk, who is known as a singer and composer, held a showcase to celebrate the oncoming release of his anniversary album. On that night's showcase, Super Junior's Kyuhyun sang Yoo Youngsuk's hit song "7 Years' Love", which is also featured on the album.

Kyuhyun, who is also active in the vocal line of Super Junior's sub-unit K.R.Y., showed an outstanding performance while singing "7 Years' Love". He matched the skills of prominent talents such as Cho Kyuchan, Kim Yeonwoo, Park Giyoung, etc. with ease, and didn't let them outshine him.

After the stage ended, Kyuhyun answered Yoo Youngsuk's questions. "It wasn't my first time alone on stage," he said uneasily "I was so nervous I couldn't see ahead of me". Yoo Youngsuk praised him and said "Now you can even rely on yourself (become independent)", but Kyuhyun touched his head and laughed, "No. I'm not capable of doing that."

Original Source. mydaily, newsen, etc.
Credits to La'MISS:fairy at SJ-WORLD.NET



Furthermore, Yoo Youngsuk didn't spare the praising for idol stars, and said "In my tribute album, Super Junior Kyuhyun participates as an all around musician."
Tonight, group Super Junior's Kyuhyun shone in his place on stage.
Super Junior Kyuhyun, YuriSangja, Kim Yeonwoo, Cho Kyuchan, and Park Giyoung contributed in the making of Yoo Youngsuk's anniversary album as devoted musicians.
The earnings derived from Yoo Youngsuk's sales will be donated to UNICEF; prior to the release of his tribute album, Yoo Youngsuk said "I want to join a good cause with music."

Original Source. mydaily, newsen, asiae, stoo, sumur, etc.
Credits to La'MISS:fairy at SJ-WORLD.NET



After singing the song at the Showcase, he said, "Truthfully, I was stuck with some parts during the recording, so I asked Yoo Youngsuk sunbaenim the meaning of the lyrics." (TRL.NOTE: the song is in Korean ㅡ in case you don't remember ㅡ what Kyu means is that he doesn't know the meaning behind the depth of the love story told by the lyrics)

Yoo Youngsuk said, "The lyrics of this song require a person with a long experience and more years on their back, but Kyuhyun did pretty well," and "It's not that Kyuhyun doesn't know about love, perhaps it's just my lyrics."

Then Kyuhyun laughed and said, "I can't envision up to 7 years, but to a 3 years extent, I can."

Yoo Youngsuk continued to praise Kyuhyun throughout the showcase, and took the chance to mention that he gifted Super Junior with the song "Shining Star" for their latest album, "SORRY,SORRY". Then he said, "As there's Taeyeon in SoNyeoSiDae, there is Kyuhyun in Super Junior," and "I heard from Yoon Jongshin that Kyuhyun sings well!" (TRL.NOTE: Yoon Jongshin is the composer of "Disco Drive" ^^)

Also, Yoo Youngsuk repeatedly expressed his gratitude, "Once Kyuhyun recorded the song, and didn't like it, he came back to record it once again, looking earnest."

Original Source. asiae
Credits to La'MISS:fairy at SJ-WORLD.NET


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