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Zhoumi UFO replies, Zhoumi's Birthday!

090419 Zhoumi's UFO Replies

[Xiao Jiu] Zhoumi ge, it’s your birthday. I’m giving you a picture of me to wish you Happy Birthday! O(∩_∩)O haha~! Prepare well for the 2nd album [while you’re] in Korea. We’re awaiting your return with the 2nd album and a surprise! Fighting! Xiao Jiu
[Zhoumi] Xiao Jiu, thank you! Wait for us! At that time, I’ll find your light board.. Hehe

[Xiao Jiu] Zhoumi ge, you’re still here? I finally received your reply. Talking about this, I’m about to go a get a huge light board done. I’m afraid you can’t see it. If its bigger, its easier to find it. Happy Birthday again! I’m going to McDonalds for training in the afternoon, help give me some encouragement.
[Zhoumi] Fighting fighting!!! Definitely fighting!!! Hehe

Fan: Zhoumi ge, have you received my [birthday] wishes? I love you!
Zhoumi: hehe~ thank you for your wishes… There’s a lot, today I received many [birthday] wishes… really happy! I’ll be able to see you in Hong Kong this month :)

[Juan Zi] Zhoumi~ Happy Birthday~ You allowed me to get to know more Honeys, they’re very nice~ They days spent with them are very joyful>< Be happy today~ Birthday boy! Take care of yourself when you’re in Korea~ by Juan Zi
[Zhoumi] Juan Zi, thank you! Its all of you who let me know that wherever I am, I am not alone!

(Fan’s message not included, but she said that she messaged Zhoumi to wish him Happy Birthday)
Zhoumi: I’m old….. Ke~

Fan: Zhoumi ge Happy Birthday. Ha, Guan Guan will love you forever. You must take care of your health, Fighting ge.
Zhoumi: Koala family’s di yi guan Tang, thank you!!! I will take care of my health :)

(Fan’s message not included)
Zhoumi: Thank you, thank you :) I’m happy its my birthday…. The never ending birthday wishes, I wanted to convey these feelings to everyone that sent me birthday wishes… Keke

[Looking for Mimi (Xun xun yi mimi)] Zhoumi ge Happy Birthday~ I waited the entire night at the Baidu ba, then came here to say goodbye to you, really tired~ Really sad you’re flying to a foreign country on your birthday, take care of yourself~ Your happiness is my greatest reassurance.
[Zhoumi] hehe~ Thank you, Xun Xun Yi mimi, its still okay! Although I’m back in Korea, but I still received many of your birthday wishes!

Fan: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Zhoumi! Happy Birthday to you! Koala ge! I’m Song! I’m a String! Happy 24th birthday! You’re one year older! Keke
Zhoumi: Sweets jar^^…. Wa~ How much Honey is inside? Keke thank you for your birthday wishes! Don’t talk about it, I know I’m one year older!!!

Fan: Mimi Happy Birthday… My card is spoilt, I couldn’t UFO you all this while. I miss you… But I used this period of time to prepare a super invincible birthday present for you ^^ Hope we can meet soon – Kou Zhao Meimei
Zhoumi: Kou Zhao Meimei, keke~ I’m awaiting your super invincible birthday present… I must have my birthday present!! Hehehehe

Fan: Zhoumi ge, Happy Birthday~ Hope you’re happy everyday~ M’s 2nd album is coming out soon, looking forward to it~ Hurry and persuade the other 6 members, and come together to Guangzhou for a fanmeeting! Keke~ Its already very late~ Sleep early~
Zhoumi: Keke~~ Want to treat this as a birthday wish? Hehe~

Source: Zhoumi's Baidu吧
Translations: --dreamx @
credits ; --dreamx@sj-world

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