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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.09

Mithra Jin
2009.04.09 02:29 [in the 獨 folder]

It has been 3 years since I'd introduced a friend (-┏)*

Never listen to anyone, a selfish person with the character of a green frog**, Heenim


And Mithra..

Even so, only these 5 are able to control Heenim

Mithra 眞 (Choi Jin)
1983 January 6
AB (Blood)Type

Technically, he is my hyung. Hmm.. To put in simpler terms..

Leeteuk<Gomthra (Leeteuk calls Gomthra hyung)

This is our relationship. Around 3 years ago when we first met

Bear : You're the first one to speak casually when we first met..

Me : There's no such things as quick birthdays~ Those born in '83 are all friends ㅋㅋ

Bear : Even if it isn't like that, those older than me will still use formal language with me..

Me : Nevertheless, we're friendsㅡ If you don't like it, say it out. I respect other people's opinions ^-^

Like this, we became close almost with this method
Without knowing how to set the mood, even when I was confessing to a girl I like in the past..

Me : Date meㅡ If you don't want to, say it now. I hate dragging things

Using such way..(-┏) So, my personality being If it isn't this, it's that..

Anyhow Gomthra is a friend who is as charming as his beard ^-^
My friend who usually is silent but his words are able to kill immediately*** ^-^
My friend who made the situation weird as he lied to people and secretly met me ^-^

People who know me will know this but I don't trust nor depend on people easily
In the past when I was incisive and cold, the girl I like asked me..

Girl : how much do you trust me? ^-^

Me : 1% (I'm better now but in the past I'm really blunt ㅠ_ㅠ)

Girl : What is this.. Then what about Donghae? Hankyung?? Kibum?? Mithra??

Me : 100% (Even though I talk a lot on broadcast, normally I really don't talk much)

Girl : What!! How come I'm only 1%!!

나 : 1% is actually a lot of trustㅡ I have no interest in trusting other peopleㅡㅡ

....................Writing these makes the tears block my vision ㅠㅠ Why was I like that..
Putting down the past, most of the girls aren't jealous of other girls but rather these guys ㅡㅡ
Sshi.. Is this one of the reason that I'm not popular..(-┏)

Inside, there's everything about Epik High

The Map The Soul tee he said he's giving me.. Why isn't he giving ㅡㅡ^

In simple words, Gomthra is!!

A bear who comes from far distances when I'm down and drinking alone
A bear who quietly bears all of this guy's mood swings and irritation due to no reasons
A bear who really comes to the dorm and pick me up when I say "Come pick me up"

Seeing Gomthra like this, Donghae said to me

Hyung. Is Mithra hyung a Buddha??


* He last updated the 獨 folder in 2006.11.28, lol.
** Mischievious
*** Sharp & witty remarks

Source: Heenim's cyworld.
Translated by: Cinderella @
Do not add in your own credits when taking out, iwillkill D:

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