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[090414/SJ] 13 members idol group "3-4 minutes' performance is too short"

Members have to come to the beauty salon at 8AM to do the hair and prepare the outfit. Because there are many members so they have to use 2 beauty salons but it still takes a lot of time. Recently, beauty salon has become the place for Super Junior to have their meal. They always eat hamburger and kimbap. Although the schedule of every member is different, but there are at least 3 events a day. Everyday they should sleep for 5 hours but normally, it's just 2-3 hours. If they have to perform in local, they will take the bus and it cost them 4-5 hours, they even scare of ruining the hairstyle so they cant rest on the seat at all. Although their daily activities are tired, Super Junior are always bright and cheerful.

"Actually I was unsure. We come back after such a long time and the music field has changed so much....but since we prepared well so the response is good, and now I'm really happy" (Leeteuk)

"The first time I listened to 'Sorry sorry" I had wanted to ask "How come we perfome this song ?". We couldnt sleep at all because of waiting for the come back" (Shindong)

Recently, when "Sorry sorry" was got the No.1 on KBS2TV "Music bank", all the members had hugged each other and cried. It wasnt the 1st time they got the No.1 but they couldnt hold back the tears. "Later then when I watched it (since I cried so much) I was a bit untidy (laugh)" (Leeteuk)

Having a lot of members is both advantage and disadvantage for Super Junior. Because 13 members' movements are already an issue so the time for every member to show their individual talent is cut short. "We cant show all of on just 3-4 minutes of a perfomance. That's why we are undervalued. Super Junior show a lot in performance, singing as well as various fields" (Yesung)

However, there is differences between the members' popularity. Shindong is popular with the middle-aged fans and the children, Leeteuk is teengirls' president and Shiwon is "The man who makes 30's women think about marriage". Donghae said "I'm very popular although I dont do anything" which was received contention form the other members. Yesung said "I didnt have so many schedule. (Last promotion time) I didnt go on the air so I didnt know anyone. Everytime I attended (a show), I would attach to a more popular member purposely. It's such a long time I dont stand on a stage so I feel very good"

Although enjoying the popularity, they also talked about the hard time as idols "There are times that I want to eat my Mom's food" (Yesung), "I dislike coming to the amusement park just for performing" (Shindong), "Super Junior had been active in China last year so I felt homesick and missed Korea" (Ryeowook), "I wanted to attend the year-end music award shows when I watched them last year. This year we will show a cool performance for sure" (Shiwon), "Outside the cherry blossom have bloomed. I feel envy of my friends when I see them dating and watching movie. But it's OK. Although I cant enjoy what they are enjoying, they also dont know the feelings that I has experienced" (Leeteuk)

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