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[090409/KYUHYUN] Asked to collaborate with famous musician Yoo Youngsuk.

There is no real news article about this, I couldn't find anything on daum.

I watched this video and tried to understand, some bits were hard to hear because of the music. It may not be 100% accurate, but there should not be big mistakes. If you have corrections to make or something to point out, go ahead. This is just a sort of narration of what they say and what happens:

One of the best musicians, namely Yoo Youngsuk is coming back with an album to celebrate his 20th Anniversary. Kyuhyun says he was in the middle of recording a song on this album, and that he wanted to do well, so he's feeling so nervous that he's shaking, but he feels very happy too. He chuckles and says it's actually very strenuous.

This wasn't their first time meeting; Yoo Youngsuk took part in the recording of Super Junior's , which is a track featured on their 3rd album. He said he was really surprised when he heard how good the vocals were, and that since Kyuhyun is part of an idol group, there are preconceptions concerning singing abilities, and sometimes they should get the chance to do a solo(?).

The journalist says Kyuhyun is showing an unusually charismatic type of vocals through .

Yoo Youngsuk is asked what the strong point of Kyuhyun's vocals is, and he says he gets the feeling that Kyuhyun is like a chameleon, because he has the ability to transform his voice. Then he says there's a big age gap between the two of them, because he's twice as old as Kyuhyun ㅡ Yoo Youngsuk debuted in 1987, while Kyuhyun was born in 1988 (Kyu chuckles here); so the previous "sensibility" (I suppose he's referring to the voice / tone / singing style) is mixing with the most recent one, like a sort of crossover of excellent talents. He says Kyuhyun's voice has a sad feel to it.

The reporter asks to hear a bit of Kyuhyun's sad voice, but Yoo Youngsuk says that it's being really hard on Kyuhyun, so they should spare him. Then he sings for a few seconds and Yoo Younsuk says "Ah, sad~", and they praise his voice (I think they say it's like gold?).

They show Kyuhyun scrupolously going through the lyrics. They say that the song "7년간의 사랑 (7nyunganui Sarang)" by White (the name of Yoo Youngsuk's group, which was active between 1994 and 1998) is coming back to life once again through Kyuhyun's mellow voice. Since Kyuhyun's sunbaenim was there during the recording, Kyuhyun also made mistakes, but it was alright anyway.

Yoo Youngsuk says that amidst the people who collaborated with him for this album there are friends who made an impact in music, namely: winter play, Cho Kyuchan, Lee Sooyoung, Yoo Huiyul, Kim Hyunchul, gag woman Park Jisun, TOY, etc. And Kyuhyun is one of the representatives.

At the end of the video Kyuhyun asks the viewers to anticipate Yoo Youngsuk's 20th Anniversary album and that he hopes it'll be a big success.

Also, this wasn't mentioned in the video, I found it on naver: there is a radio show called "Yoo Huiyul's Radio", and there's a corner on which Yoo Youngsuk and Park Jisun went yesterday(?), and they spent a minute and a half praising Kyuhyun. Yoo Youngsuk said he picked Kyuhyun because he likes his voice very much, and the other two said they like him too.

This is the song.

Original Source. ETN News
Credits to La'MISS:fairy at
// Image from 愛규현:fancafe

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