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[CY] Leeteuk's cyworld 3 photo entry 2009.06.29

2009.06.29 04:59 - ..I love you Thank you I'll remember♥..

..I love you...

..Thank you....

..I'll remember...♥

..I'm happy because there are those who are happy by this small present...

..Thank you to the Elfs from around the world including our country...

..Not being able to see..not being to feel, it's all in the past..

..Let's step ahead forward together...

..Don't run..

..You'll tire quickly...Move forward slowly...Don't hurry...


..Believe... That my beating heart is sincere...

..It's like that for you too as well, right?...

..I love you..Thank you...I'll remember..♥

..From now on, bigger love... bigger happiness... I'll make better memories*...

..thanks...Xie Xie...Arigato Gozaimasu..Khob-kun-Krub...Spa-si-bou..Thank you..! **

* - Leeteuk typed "축억" which I believe doesn't mean anything, but "추억" means memories, so that's what I went by.
** - Leeteuk was saying Thank you in different languages; "..thanks...쎼쎼...아리가또 고자미아스..콘큰캅...쓰바씨바..고마워요..!" which is English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Russian, & of course, Korean.. ^^

Source; Leeteuk`s Cy
Credit; vanilla.teaa at SJ-WORLD.NET
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actually Leeteuks oppa uploaded 3..
you can see at HERE

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