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[INFO]Sunny Wears Heechul-Brand Shoes-- Netizens says "Both are Cute", basically, sunny wears the shoes that heechul gave her

Super Junior Heechul and SNSD Sunny caught netizen's attention as Sunny wore shoes that Heechul decorated to one of her recordings.

On the 5th Heechul posted a picture of shoes with the title 'Happy Birthday Soonkyu' in his personal blog. Soonkyu is Sunny's legal name, and it was her birthday on May 15. The pair of shoes inside the picture is the present that Heechul gave Sunny for her birthday, and these kinds of white slippers are common in many stationery stores. But this was no ordinary white slipper. It's because Heechul himself decorated them with messages and pictures.

'Soonkyu' is written one word each on each side of the shoes, and is decorated with popular brand names and logos. It also contained a playful message saying 'Midget pretending to be really cute'. Heechul says "Although the birthday is long passed, I made that masterpiece through hard work and passion. Why won't you wear them," and continues "Prove to me that you wear them in your next performance of 'Tell me your Wish'".

To answer Heechul's open demand in his personal blog, Sunny wore the shoes in one of her recordings. But it wasn't during one of the performances of 'Tell me your Wish' like Heechul wanted. It was during a radio broadcast that Shindong, group member of Heechul, conducts.

On the 9th, MBC Radio 'Shindong, Kim Shinyoung's Shim Shim Ta Pa' released many pictures of SNSD who were the guests of 'Now it is Live Generation' that day in their homepage. Out of the pictures the one that stood out most was Sunny's individual photo. Along with her V-sign and her bright smile, we see Sunny wearing shoes that Heechul gave her. By wearing these shoes to the recording, Sunny fulfilled Heechul’s open demand.

When this picture was released to the public, netizens replied "I can't believe you actually took pictures to prove it", "You finally wore them", "Sunny is happy because she got a brand name slippers from Heechul", "Heechul who gave those shoes, and Sunny who actually wore them, are both very cute", and couldn't hide their laughter.

Credits to: and Soshified Forums
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