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[CY] Sungmin's cyworld 1 diary entry 2009.06.22

2009.06.22 월 09:21

In the first broadcast, my lover hasn't come out yet..


Oppa band is interesting, right?ㅎ ㅎ*

But.. I'm a chickㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Chick chick chick chick~~~!!!!!!

Next week too! Oppa band..

Please anticipate it~

from: 이성민 cyworld
trans: rocket @

* laughing sounds like hoo hoo / heh heh
i have no idea what chick is. (but yes, chick as in baby chicken.) <- i havent watched oppa band yet so idk if its in the show.

chick explained.
LOL okay so i still haven't watched the whole ep yet (i had to skim it to find sungmins part) but basically there was a part in oppa band where they were showing off their skills on instruments and they were on the keyboard and youngsuk and jungmo went before sungmin and played it amazingly and then ming goes on and starts playing some classical music with two fingers LOL <33333>chopsticks march~ chick-like prince sungmin!" i didn't get how its chick like at first but as i watch it i'm sort of seeing it LOL chopsticks march is the name of the song;

okay so they never do call him chick but the way he plays the piano with two fingers is kinda like chicken legs and so he is dubbed chick by mr pdnim~ alsoooo- chopsticks march is a piano song for beginners :D so yay we now know that our chicken is a noob. thanks evanesco for the tips <3

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