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[NEWS] Sneak Peek of SJ's exclusive interview in TW

Visiting Taiwan for the 3rd time, Super Junior, famous for starting the Sorry, Sorry trend, had an exclusive interview with AZIOTV at the backstage of Golden Melody Awards together with host Pink Yang. The members would match her up with Shindong, and this time they played the 'Wedding March' and walked down the red carpet

Two years ago, Pink and Shindong met for the 1st time at the backstage of Golden Melody Awards, and held hands and dance chacha. Last year during the Korean-Taiwan Friendship Concert, they danced again, and this time when Kyuhyun saw Pink, he'd go 'chacha', 'chacha' at her. Pink was concerned on why Shindong looked different from in the MV (he was slimmer then), and Shindong immediately asked if she like someone who's chubby or skinny. She was in a delimma and the members said 'You can only choose one' and she went ahead with 'You're cutest like this'. Kangin just have to add on 'If Shindong (body) remain like this, will you marry him?', leader Eeteuk started to hum the Wedding March, and Shindong took Pink's hand, and pretended to walk down the aisle, walking and saying goodbye to the rest.

Other than the "wedding", Pink asked Eunhyuk to dance, after having seen him dance so well last year. To that, Eunhyuk said "you'll have to do what i'm doing", and he did the chest-pop, leaving Pink in shock and she had her hand on his chest to feel that POP! She danced and of course it was 'fantastic' the members couldn't stop laughing!

Because two members will be celebrating their birthdays (Leader Leeteuk on July 1, Heechul on July 10)during this visit to Taiwan, the production crew especially prepared small cakes to celebrate. Heechul wolfed down the strawberry cake with satisfaction, making Pink scream about his sexiness. At this time, leader Leeteuk also wouldn't lose face and decided to add some "Sexy" under the members' wholehearted support. As Leeteuk "licked" the cake with great effort, the members immediately yelled "Unbearable" and "So not sexy" even their goosebumps fell off!

Pink encouraged the members to give the two birthday wishes, but unexpectedly, everyone wished them "good health." Hankyung even said, "I don't know how long they'll stay alive"; Heechul, who originally thought his good friend Hankyung will say some noble blessings and was resting his arm on Hankyung's shoulder, instantly cried "You're obviously the same age as me!" Out of curiosity, Pink asked the two about their reactions to the members' birthday wishes; Heechul immediately said, "I'll pretend that I didn't hear anything." Kangin also jokingly replied, "Then we'll also pretend we didn't say anything!"

The performance on Golden Melody Awards this time has caused much discussion. From the instant SJ exited the airplane to when they exited the stage, thousands of fans have crazily followed them. Leeteuk also especially thanked all the fans. "Like last time two years ago when we first went to GMA, this time there's also very many fans, plus, this time I feel the number of people who like us increased. I'm really very moved. There should be a chance to get in close contact in Taiwan with all the fans soon!"

After the interview, Leeteuk didn't forget to tell Pink that only 11 people will be going back to Korea. Pink secretly jumped; "It's not Shindong who's going to stay back, right?" Shindong immediately said he wants to take Pink back to Korea. Birthday boy Heechul looked at the two, then said, "I think you two look alike." Shindong instantly said, "husband and wife will obviously look alike," making Pink laugh to death.

source; akpop
translated by; bonbon58 & carolyn @

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