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[UFO] Hangen's UFO replies 2009.06.25


[ELF] Geng, today CCTV3 broadcasted the Bird's Nest Concert (*) , [you were] really too handsome. It's so great to have you [in the concert]! Geng~Geng~Geng~Geng~~~~
[Han Geng] [I'm] a little not used to performing there, it's too big.

[ELF] CCTV just finished airing the Bird's Nest Concert (*), so handsome, so handsome , there was a lot of screentime for you, us girls are so happy hohohoho.
[Hang Geng] As long as the performance is successful, the amount of screentime is not important haha.

[ELF] Geng, when are you coming back to Beijing? Right now, the heat in Beijing is nearly making me die! ( figure of speech )
[Hang Geng] It's the same in Korea.

[ELF] Han Geng gege (**), recently, are you guys happy? Are you healthy? Hurry and reply to me after you see this, [from] fans that love you forever !
[Hang Geng] It's normal, everyday we're busy here and there.

[ELF] Geges (***) , I got into college, [I'm] very happy, and sharing my happiness with you, congratulate me, haha .
[Hang Geng] Congrats, congrats, this is only the beginning, I hope that you'll be better and better in the future, keep working hard !

[ELF] Geng baby ( precious/love ) , [there will be] 365 days of happy reminisces, today, is the 176th one. Recently there are many events, right? Don't worry, as long as Geng is here, as long as ELF are here, everything will be good. Keep working hard!
[Han Geng] It's because there's you guys, that I will have motivation, that I will stay steady (`), haha.

[ELF] Geng-ah, will you guys come to Hangchow for promotions/events? We're almost dead, waiting [for you]. You are the land's head (``) , you can bring your [suju] brothers here, so they can better understand China's beautiful landscapes and culture, most important is to find out about the friendliness/enthusiasm of a Chinese meal/dinner.
[Hang Geng] It's easy to talk about it, but if I bring them, then who will help me apply/ask for a vacation ah?

[ELF] Han Geng Gege (**), I'm so extremely angry, today, out of nowhere, I lost 100 RMB (money) , I'm such a dumb-dumb, originally I could've taken a break/vacation, I could've went shopping, but now it's just great, I can't buy anything, I'm so angry, I'm so angry.
[Hang Geng] You were too careless ah, go to the bank and look, where is there someone like you, haha~~ Just joking.

[ELF] Geng Geng~ Tomorrow I have to take a test~ Nervous ah~ Help wish me luck, okay?! ~
[Han Geng] Don't be nervous, one test is not much haha ( if it were me, then I'd be too stupid/silly )

(*) both referring to Jackie Chan's Good Friend Concert
(**) older brother , similar to hyung/oppa in korean
(***) plural of gege ( e.g. oppas , hyungs )
(`) as in, stay on track / not waver / not stumble & fall
(``) meaning hangeng comes from china , he originates from there

source: HanGeng BaiduBar ; HERE and HERE and HERE .
>>> translations:
` may take out with full credits , but don't add your own please !

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