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[CY] Sungmin's (and Kyuhyun?) cyworld 1 diary entry 2009.06.23

2009.06.23 화 02:40

Today..... I tried some ROGGIO DEL FILARE '04........

I took a sip and for one minute it left this tingling feeling on the tip of my nose......

I don't know much about wine yet but I want to recommend it to anyone..

It was a memorable, body-caputuring VINO... ^^

from: 병아리같은성민군의 싸이 [sungmin cyworld]
trans: rocket @

VINO = wine in italian, spanish, etc. <-- he actually used that word ㄱㅡ;;;
omfg go to sleep sungmin ㅡㅁㅡ;

+Gaia edit: Kyuhyun has an entry EXACTLY like this, posted at THE SAME time.

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