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[INFO] Leeteuk, selected as "the best idol group leader"

Accoriding to Netizens, it's the 13 members group Super junior Leader Leeteuk. He has been selected as the best looking leadership for an idol group in the community portals. On those sites, from the 16th to the 23rd, they had to answer the question "Who is the leader who you think has the best leadership?" Once the survey done, the results have been announced on the 24th morning.
According to the survey, the oldest member and leader of super junior Leeteuk got 15 724votes (34.2%) out of the 45928people voting, which gave him the first place. Netizens said that "the 13 members have been led wisely" and that's why they gave Leeteuk a high score.
SonyuhShidae Taeyeon got 10171votes (22.1%), Dong bang shin Uknow Yunho got 9850votes (21.4%) making them 2nd and 3rd of the survey. SS501 Kimhyunjoong, Shinee onew, 2pm jaebum were following in the top.

Kim Heechul who is the same age as Leeteuk admired his leadership, different from everyone else: "he always puts the members before himself" and "even if he gets angry at his dongsaengs in the end he gives them a tight hug and say he is sorry".

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