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[NEWS!!] Bizarre incidents continue on Music Bank (+UPDATED), Sungmin injured, Light falling on Onew, whole light structure falling.

SHINee's Onew after Music Bank's airing, faints.

Onew, on the afternoon of the 26th during the last segment of the airing of Music Bank, went up to the stage with all the other performers to congratulate the artists that won first place. But right at that moment, to the left of Onew, a nearby lighting fixture threathened to fall in the direction of Onew & others.

Fortunately, Super Junior's Siwon & other people reacted quickly to try to hold off the fixture, & Onew was not hurt. However, the sudden circumstance left him shocked, & after Music Bank finished he fainted, & (SHINee's) manager etc brought him to the waiting room.

On Onew's side, at around 810PM it was stated, "though there were not physical injuries, but at that moment of shock he fainted. Now he's affected on a different level, & we're not sure if he will suffer the repurcussions of illness; we'll have to go to the hospital to make sure." At around 820PM, Onew was already admitted into a nearby hospital.
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since this article, there's been news that onew is now fine & that he will be performing in music core later. there's also been calls for kbs to look into their safety precautions.


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You can see on the pictures on videos bellow what happened during the encore of music bank yesterday.
I don't know if that has anything to do with Onew getting hurt, but obviously with a thing that big, even if Siwon and Kyuhyun helped they didn't hold it back all by themselves..
Anyway, KBS needs to check a bit more the security of their stuff.. (especially if there was indeed 2 accidents that day)

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